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Date of birth: 30.11.1992

Age: 10

Place of birth: Kostyukovich

Citizenship: Russia

`investigate - sozdavaya`

Born 11/30/1922 in Kostyukovich (Vitebsk region.) In the family servant. Education: high school in the city of Orsha, two courses MVTU. Bauman. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War on the Komsomol appeal worked as a fitter for repair of tanks based in Moscow and in the factories in the city of Izhevsk. In September 1941, he served in the 133 anti-aircraft regiment. He was discharged and sent to continue his studies. Since May 1942 he continued his studies at the Artillery Academy. Dzerzhinsky, where he graduated in 1946 and was sent to a representative of the military Sun Factory Acceptance GAU number 14, Mr. Roshal. In August 1947 he was invited to VNIIEF, Arzamas-16 (Serov Nizhny Novgorod region.): M.n.s, NS, Head of Department, Deputy. Head of the sector (branch) of Scientific Affairs, Head of the department. He worked in the laboratory of L. Altshuler on the problems of a new direction in physics - physics of high energy densities: spherical detonation wave parameters, the nature of its interaction with the various structural elements, the propagation of sound waves in the shock-compressed substances and mnogimidrugimi. Since 1956 - Head of the Department of VNIIEF. He participated in the creation of the first atomic bomb RDS-1: Research has developed a device for density and maximum pressures in the central part created the atomic bomb. One of the most talented students YB Chariton. Together with Ya Zel`dovich and GA Kirillov made a proposal on the use of light shock front in noble gases for laser pumping. He pays attention to research in the field of mechanical and optical properties of solids at high pressures. In 1980, he led by a special independent department of Optical and Physical Research. In recent years, life has been busy creating powerful iodine lasers for research on laser fusion. In 1981 for the first time in the country in the "exploding shell" mode has been received impulse thermonuclear neutrons, which amounted to 1 million neutrons per pulse. The basic principle of scientific activity: "investigate - creating." He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner of Labor and medals. Died 10.08.1982 in Moscow.

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