Samuil Gmelin

Picture of Samuil Gmelin

Date of Birth: 06/23/1745

Age: 29

Place of birth: Tyubengen

Citizenship: Germany


In 1767, he summoned to the Russian St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, and the following year sent to Catherine II with 4 students, a pharmacist and a painter in the southern provinces for the physical description of the places through Moscow, Voronezh, Azov to Astrakhan. In 1768 he studied the Valdai Hills, in 1769 followed the river. To the mouth of the Don and the Lower Volga. In 1770 he traveled to Persia.

In 1773, near Kizlyar, just five days away, and 80 miles from Derbent captured (Feb 5). Gorsky owner Usmey - Khan. He died in captivity 27 June 1774. His companions in misfortune, had to send in Kizlyar, a few of his manuscripts. The rest of his notebooks with great difficulty have been plucked out of the hands of the barbarians. The last letter is dated Gmelin July 11, 1774 "I am dying." (Russian archive 1912.