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Where did the dummies for crash test ?

Best known for inventing Alderson received dummy crash test in the second half of the 20th century. These test dummies are now widely used by car manufacturers - to test the reliability of the belts ,error status: 400and then, with varying success attended Reed College (Reed College), California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Columbia University (Columbia University) and the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

He often pauses in their education in order to help his father in the workshop, where, among other things ,were working with sheet metal. Samuel received a formal education at the University of California at Berkeley, where among his teachers were American physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer (J. Robert Oppenheimer) and nuclear scientist Ernest Lawrence (Ernest O. Lawrence).However, Alderson had not completed work on his doctoral dissertation.

In 1952, Samuel opened his own company, `Alderson Research Laboratories`, and quickly acquired a contract whose purpose was the development of an anthropometric dummy for use in testing the ejection seat in the aircraft. Around the same time, car manufacturers need to put before the production of safer vehicles, with volunteers living or human corpses should not have been involved in the testing process.

In 1966, the Law on the safety of road transport, which, together with knigoy-study of Ralph Nader (Ralph Nader) ` Harmful any skorosti`, had a significant influence on the development avtostroitelnoy industry. In particular, work started on the creation of an anatomically correct test dummy. Alderson made the `V.I.P.`, mannequin designed to simulate the weight of the average man ,as well as to reproduce the effects of exposure as a real person. Samuel continued to work until the hybrid family of mannequins that have historically used and accepted as standards in testing.

Alderson also worked for the benefit of the US military. error status: 400which reacted to radiation and used to practice certain skills and procedures without risk to the patient. Alderson also helped create a ` synthetic ran`, which are used in educational simulations of emergency situations and behave like real wounds.

With a vast experience in various fields ,Alderson opened another company, `Radiology Support Devices`, which supplied the medical industry. Later, he designed a mannequin to test the possibility of landing on water nose fairing ` Apollona`.

Samuel Alderson died Feb. 11, 2005 th, at his home in Marina del Rey, California (Marina Del Rey, Cal.).The cause of death was complications from myelofibrosis. During his life, Alderson was widowed once and divorced three times. In addition to his son Jeremy, Samuel survived by his sister, another son and four grandchildren.

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