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The North American writer, author of the novel "A Revelry" (1926), about the backstage life of US President Harding. Drama Adams on the same topic in the US was banned in 1920.

Adams was born in the town Dankrik, pcs. New York. In 1891, he graduated from Hamilton College (Eng. Hamilton College). From 1891 to 1929 he worked as a reporter in "The Sun" New York newspaper. Then I moved to " McClure `s " magazine, where he earned a reputation as " muckrakers " (eng. Muckraker,ie a journalist to expose corruption and fraud officials and politicians) for a series of publications about the US health care issues.

In 1905 he wrote a series of articles under the title The Great American scam (Eng. The Great American Fraud) for "Collier`s" magazine.Articles had a major impact on public opinion and eventually led to the adoption in the United States, " Act the Pure Food and Drug " 1906 (Engl. Pure Food and Drug Act).

In addition to journalism Adams also studied fiction. Adams story "Night Bus" (eng. Night Bus) was first published in the journal, and later formed the basis for the Oscar-winning script of the film " It Happened One Night. "

The most famous work of Adams is considered novel in 1926 "Revelry" (Russian. Junket) , which tells about the scandal in the administration of Warren G. Harding. In 1929, the writer published a sequel - a biography of President Harding "Incredible Era" (Russian incredible era.) .

In the 1920s, Adams has written two novels, "Flaming Youth" (Russian. The fiery youth) and "Unforbidden Fruit" (Russian. Unforbidden fruit) devoted to the subject of sexual desire of young women in the Jazz Age : written with unprecedented for that time of sexual frankness, works were published under the pseudonym Warner Fabian. This was done to ensure that a possible scandal around these works, did not affect the other novels Adams. Both novels have become bestsellers Warner Fabian, and later were filmed.

Over the years, Samuel Adams was friends with the famous journalist Ray Stannard Baker (Eng. Ray Stannard Baker) and the politician and lawyer Benjamin Darrow (Eng. Benjamin Darrow).

Samuel Adams died in Beaufort, pcs. South Korolina November 15, 1958. The article is based on materials of the Literary Encyclopedia 1929-1939.

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