Samuel Christie

Picture of Samuel Christie

Date of Birth: 03/22/1784

Age: 80

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The present inventor Wheatstone Bridge

It is known that his father`s name was Samuel Christie James (James); with a high probability, however, we are not talking about the legendary auctioneer and founder of one of the most famous contemporary auctions, but an ordinary tailor. The coincidence of names has led to the fact that a scientist often called the son of an auctioneer. Math Christie studied at Trinity College, Cambridge (Trinity College, Cambridge); on the progress he was second on the course. Especially strongly Samuel at the time interested in magnetism; he actively studied Earth`s magnetic field and develops its own advanced versions kompasov.Chast of his work was performed in collaboration with Peter Barlow (Peter Barlow).

In 1826-m Christi became a member of the Royal Society (Royal Society), in 1833 won the right to read a lecture on the laws of magnetism and their study through experiments raznovesnymi objects of the same metal, and objects made of different metals. In 1837-m Christie became the secretary of the company; He held this position until 1853.

In 1833 Christie published an article in which he described a prototype of a Wheatstone bridge; however, at the time the work went unnoticed. Described Semyuelemustroystvo designed to study so nice to his heart, magnetism, coupled with an analysis comparing the resistance wires of different thickness could be sink into oblivion; Fortunately, fate decided otherwise. Charles Wheatstone (Charles Wheatstone) told in another article of the Company on the measuring bridge in 1843-m; Wheatstone in the work referred to Christie, but the invention ultimately still got his name.

Christie himself taste-deserved fame inventor extremely useful scheme has not happened.

From 1838 till 1854 th Christy taught matematikuv Royal Military Academy (Royal Military Academy) in Woolwich (Woolwich).

Christie was married twice; every marriage has brought him five children. The first wife of the scientist, Elizabeth Teadora (Elizabeth Theadora), died in 1844; in the same year Samuel married a certain Margaret Ellen (Margaret Ellen). Of the ten children of the eight had experienced scientist. The most famous offspring of Samuel Christie, his eldest son, the astronomer William Henry Mahoney Christie (William Henry Mahoney Christie).

Samuel died on January 24th 1865 Christy th; at the time of his death he was 80 years old.