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American statesman and philosopher. As a political leader of the colony of Massachusetts created a clandestine anti-British organization " Sons of Liberty ", one of whose shares were the Boston Tea Party. Subsequently, - one of the leaders of the American Revolution.

Born in a family servant kongregatsialistskoy church. He studied theology at Harvard College ,but dropped out due to the occupation of his father and became a ruin negociant, also without success. Later he worked as a tax collector, and the beginning of 1760h `s moved as an influential member of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts. In 1763, after the Seven Years` War, he stood on the ground of political resistance, resentful measuresadopted by the British government with respect to American trade. In particular, he was a staunch opponent of stamp duty and on this occasion encouraged his fellow citizens to a perturbation (1765) .

Adams first gave the idea of the establishment of the people`s societies, capable of joint action through correspondence.One of the first calls for the unification of the American colonies against the British was a circular letter written by Adams in 1768. Circular was the reason for the introduction of British troops in Boston, in an open collision with which five colonists were killed in 1770. Information about the incident and the subsequent judicial investigation has been widely used for anti-British propaganda in all American colonies. In 1772, at the suggestion of Adams rallying point for anti-British propaganda correspondence he was appointed to Boston (" Correspondence Committee in Boston ") . Following the pattern of the last correspondent committees, who later became the embryo of the local revolutionary authorities, appeared in all the other colonies.

The next act of the famous secret organization was Adams Boston Tea Party (1773) , in response to which the British government has adopted the so-called " Intolerable Acts. "Present at the First Continental Congress as a deputy from Massachusetts from 1774-82 gg. , Adams insisted on the continuation of the fight with England and called for the declaration of independence. He participated in the creation of the US Declaration of Independence (1776) and the Articles of Confederation (1777) but considered dangerous Washington`s commitment to strengthen the federal government authorities. As an influential member of the Convention from Massachusetts, in 1788, he insisted on the adoption of a new constitution and the union has filed, in fact, an occasion throughout the East to join neighboring states.

After the revolution, he returned to Boston, where the vice - governor was elected in 1789 ,and in 1794 - the governor of Massachusetts. In old age he resigned in 1797.

In American historiography Adams is considered a controversial figure. Some authors consider it the organizer of the revolutionary struggle, and others - a dangerous conspirator ,which is to achieve its political goals using propaganda and provoking riots.

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