Picture of Samsonite

Year of birth : 1910

Age: 105 years

Birthplace : Denver,Colorado, United States

Citizenship : United States

Legendary producer suitcases

Mark `Samsonite` in the United States is so well known that it is often used as a common noun ; ` Samsonaytami` usually called distinctive look hard suitcases.There are bags and bags of the company and outside the US - for a company with 100 plus years of active work became famous throughout the world.

Founded company `Schwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company` was in Denver, Colorado, USA (Denver, Colorado, USA), in 1910 ; He created its merchant suitcases Shvayder Jesse (Jesse Schwayder).Shvayder was a deeply religious man ; One of his first works he named after the Biblical strongman Samson. It is from this name later increased brand `Samsonite` used to this day ; in 1941 the corresponding trade mark, and in 1966, the company officially changed its name it was officially registered. One only suitcases and bags in all their impressive diversity of the company is not limited to ; so for quite some time in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Murfreesboro, Tennessee), functioned child project, `Samsonite Furniture Co.`. This company specialized in the furniture - especially chairs and folding card table.

Back in 1961-m `Samsonite` purchased a license for the production and delivery to the US market of the cult children`s designer ` Lego`. Later he began a rather loud dispute over the existing license and the right to work in the US market `Samsonite` lost ; however, Canada toys `Lego` traded company is still very, very long time - until 1986. Working with the designer `Lego` was only part of a global plan of the company - its management is considering to do more and the production of toys ; however, in the 70 direction it was minimized.

In 1973, representatives Shvayder family sold the company to `Beatrice Foods`.

23 June 1985-of one of the suitcases `Samsonite` became a defendant in a rather macabre history - built into it a bomb exploded on board the aircraft ` Air India Flight 182`, flew over the Atlantic Ocean. The explosion killed 329 passengers and crew members.

He worked in the company`s Denver plant (which once were employed 4,000 people) in May 2001-th was closed ; later the headquarters `Samsonite` moved from Denver to Mansfield, Massachusetts (Mansfield, Massachusetts). The move was linked to the next change of the company`s owners. Changing this was by no means the last - in July 2007, the company bought `CVC Capital Partners Ltd` (masters became the fifth company in 21 years) . Suitcases from `Samsonite` known all over the world to this day ; major role in this was played by the quality of the products offered, and pretty loud advertising campaign. In the first half of the century, the firm advertised their suitcases with rigid bodies, emphasizing the wording ` strong enough to it could stoyat`. Another advertisement,which is usually attributed to the company, in fact, nothing to do with it does not - it`s about advertising `American Tourister` 70s ; `Samsonite` this brand really purchased, but only in 1993. Confusion usually occurs because gorillas images, widely used in advertising `Samsonite` to this day. Roller with a gorilla (actually an actor in a chimpanzee suit) , the breakdown of one of the suitcases `American Tourister` strength, firmly entrenched in the memory of viewers and became, perhaps, one of the first truly successful examples of branding. To this day, this advertising is considered one of the most successful in the history of the advertising business.

In September 2009,th American retail chain `Samsonite` - known under the brand name ` Swainsonite` - filed for bankruptcy. The company meanwhile feels quite normal - so, in 2013, the company announced plans to supply cheap luggage products in developing countries.

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