Samantha Geimer

Picture of Samantha Geimer

Age: 50

Citizenship: France

In September 2013 out of the former victims of memoirs of the famous director

In 1977, a 48-year-old Samantha gamer (Samantha Geimer), who was then 13 years and which bore the name Gailey (Gailey), the incident occurred as a result of which the film director Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski) was charged with rape. All this has led to one of the biggest Hollywood scandals, and the famous director was forced to flee the United States (United States), in order to avoid arrest. Today, some 35 years later, Samantha finally tells his story in the book `The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski` (` Girl A life lived in the shadow of Roman Polanski`.), Which is due out in September. To cover Samantha chose a photograph taken by Polanski February 20, 1977. According to her, and writing a book, and the choice is this picture - it`s all part of her desire to return to his own personality.

Less than three weeks, 43-year-old Polanski, who was under the influence of drugs, raped a 13-year-old girl in the house of Jack Nicholson (Jack Nicholson) on Mulholland (Mulholland Drive) during a photo shoot, when he `ugoschal` child alcohol and tranquilizers. Portrait Samantha Cover Polanski did during their first photo shoot in her parents` house, in which the director has persuaded the girl to pose topless. According Gamer, photograph for the cover and memoirs are a part of her desire to regain her identity.

`I am more than a victim of sexual violence - which is pasted a label on me pressa` - Gamer said that for many years has identified himself as a victim of Polanski. Now she offers her story without malice, but with a purpose - to share a detailed story, which will help return it to its present `I`ll.

Publishing House `Atria Books` promises that the book, which goes on sale on September 17 to help readers to understand many aspects of the old stories, that previously did not pay attention.

In 1988, Polanski Gamer initiated against a civil suit alleging sexual assault, intentional infliction of frustration and seduction. In 1993 he agreed to pay Samantha half a million dollars to settle the matter, although now, twenty years later, it remains unclear whether he actually paid. As part of a civil suit attorney, Lawrence Silver, Samantha (Lawrence Silver), which also contributed to the book he demanded Polanski Gamer transfer all pictures, which he did. But Silver has always been convinced that there are other images, and then, finally, a decade later, they were found - including the portrait that was on the cover of the book.

He writes in his book that during the search the police do not attach importance receipts from the photo department pharmacy `Sav-On Drugs`. It was only many years later the lawyer learned that Polanski gave a receipt to his lawyer, and they had taken from the pharmacy shown a roll of film and negatives. During a civil claim Polanski`s lawyer was forced to transfer these photos, which would otherwise not be detected, Silver.

Initially, Polanski was charged with a criminal offense on six counts, including rape, drug abuse, child sexual abuse and sodomy, but pleaded guilty to only one count - in illegal sexual intercourse. In exchange for recognition of the judge from Los Angeles (Los Angeles) agreed to drop the remaining charges and decided to put it three months in prison for a psychiatric examination. He was released after 42 days, as the expert found it mentally healthy and do not pose a danger, but the judge threatened further sanctions and Polanski chose to leave the States.

79-year-old Polanski, who directed `Chinese kvartal` (Chinatown) and` child Rozmari` (Rosemary`s Baby), limited movements of the world according to an Interpol warrant in effect in 188 countries, but moves freely between Switzerland (Switzerland) and France ( France). In 2010, after the government refused to deport him to the United States, he was released from house arrest in Switzerland. Gamer said that forgives him, and joined his petition to dismiss the case.