Samantha Beaven

Picture of Samantha Beaven

Age: 29

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Sophisticated pregnancy or cervical cancer?

The death of 29-year-old Samantha Bevan was a real tragedy for her family and friends. The cause of death was a combination of a young mother of two factors most unpleasant; Firstly, it has become a victim of cervical cancer, and secondly - the disease is found too late. Symptoms for a long time - Samantha suffered from bleeding and cramps; Doctors, however, have explained all these unpleasant manifestations of complications during pregnancy. An accurate diagnosis, doctors were able to put only on the 26th week of pregnancy; Beavan was then bore - well ahead of schedule. Daisy`s daughter Samantha was born, weighing only 960 grams.

Relatives did everything that depended on them - but they failed to save Samantha. Having sold all their possessions and move to cheaper rental accommodation, family Beavan paid her a special treatment in Mexico. Participated in fundraising even 6-year-old daughter Samantha Bracken - girl sold own toys on eBay. Alas, all this was in vain - a few days ago, shortly after returning from Mexico, Samantha Bevan died. In a cruel twist of fate, the treatment procedure like as she had on a good effect; the healing of the question initially, but Bevan hoped to at least extend the time and released her to spend more time with her husband and children. Alas, gained access to the body of Samantha pulmonary infection has put these plans on fat cross; a few days after his return to Britain Bevan died.

Widowers Samantha, 27-year-old Alex Bevan (Alex Beaven), recently had to quit her job in order to devote themselves to childcare. Fortunately for him, relatives and friends set out to ensure the normal family existence - and actively raise money for Beavan. As noted by a close friend of the deceased, Kempling Wendy (Wendy Campling), Samantha when life was very active and energetic mother; absolutely logical that her case should be continued after death. How Beavan family fought for her life, caused the surrounding sincere respect; even the fact that this struggle with success, alas, is not crowned, did not negate the importance of made. Unfortunately, good intentions and enthusiasm not only helped win Samantha disease - they also left the family Beaven literally with nothing. Friends gather to help children and widower Beavan than able - because, according to them, this is what would like them herself Samantha.

Cancer Samantha Bevan discovered in October 2013th. Cramping and bleeding woman plagued from the beginning of pregnancy; the hospital she applied several times - at least 8 times - but the doctors did not give her any specific diagnosis. All checks were also carried out little information. Samantha all this, of course, did not like; it is not the first time was pregnant and had an opportunity to compare their feelings with past experience. At this time in the body it is clearly there was something wrong; Unfortunately, Samantha vrachamtak confidence and is not passed - and eventually had to settle for Beavan medical diagnoses.

Contractions Samantha began on the 26th week. Woman with all possible speed to the hospital in Brighton (Brighton) - and that is where it should be examined for the first time as the cervix. Disclosure Fact doctors confirmed; At the same time, however, the physician noted the presence of a strange Beavan education, which, in fact, caused the bleeding. Biopsy led to the macabre discovery - the formation of a length of 7 centimeters turned cancerous. From this moment almost all the symptoms of which Samantha suffered earlier received a new explanation. Alas, the old content with explaining - `beremennosti` complications - doctors have lost precious time.

3 days after the biopsy a woman`s water broke; October 27, 2013, was born Daisy Bevan. At that time, the chances of survival Samantha looked, to put it mildly, weak; Bevan, however, did not want to give up, and obviously burning determination to continue the struggle. courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy Samantha beginning a few days after birth; her daughter and treated in different wards of the same hospital. Daisy also was in pretty bad condition - it has found serious problems with the intestines. In the seventh week of life the tiny, weighing just 1.36 kilograms, the girl had to be subjected to surgery. Her prospects for doctors are also assessed as rather weak; Daisy, however, has managed to survive - what gave a lot of strength to continue the struggle and his mother. Alas, these forces were not enough - a few months later, Samantha told her that the cancer had metastasized.

Samantha did not give up and after this news. The woman was married with her fiance Alex in rather hastily organized ceremony; so she brought in the family life of a new batch of something positive and happy. Then Bevan focused on the maximum extension of their lives - and, as a consequence, the time spent with family. Samantha was not concerned only with their own problems; She gave a lot of energy programs to educate the masses about the dangers of cervical cancer. Parallel Beavan supported the charity project to help premature babies `Push for Prems`; this project is very much helped Samantha when she was only Daisy was born. The project leader, Demir Catherine (Catherine Demir), who became a close friend to Bevan noted that Samantha has demonstrated incredible results; she managed to collect an impressive amount of project needs and, last but not least, be an excellent role model and source of inspiration to others.

Treatment in Mexico was the last hope for Beavan; the cancer continued to spread throughout her body every day. Initially, treatment is really paid off; Alas, soon after returning home, Samantha discovered the pulmonary infection. From this infection Samantha Bevan and died.