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Date of Birth: 09/12/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Garnett

Citizenship: United States


Sam Brownback was born September 12, 1956 in Garnett, Kansas (Garnett, Kansas), and grew up on the family farm in Parker, Kansas (Parker, Kansas). His ancestors of German origin settled in Kansas, leaving Pennsylvania after the Civil War. In 1976-1977 Brownback was president of the Kansas branch of youth organization FFA, Future Farmers of America (Future Farmers of America), and one of the vice presidents of National FFA Organization. While studying at the University of Kansas (Kansas State University), he was elected president of the Student Council and was a member of the fraternity `Alpha Gamma Rho`. In 1982, Brownback defended his doctorate in law at the University of Kansas (University of Kansas). After college, he worked for about a year in television, as host of the weekly half-hour show.

Brownback married Mary Stauffer (Mary Stauffer), whose family has owned and operated a successful media company until its sale in 1995. They have five children: Abby (Abby), Andy (Andy), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Mark (Mark) and Jenna (Jenna), two of them adopted. Brownback`s parents belonged to the Methodist church, but later he joined the Evangelical Church, Topeka Bible Church, which is still visited, while in 2002 he converted to Catholicism.

Brownback worked as a lawyer in Manhattan, Kansas (Manhattan, Kansas), before you headed in 1986 the Ministry of Agriculture of Kansas. In 1990 he was accepted into the program White House Fellow, which trains personnel for the highest US federal bodies of state administration, and in 1990-1991, joined the Office of the US Trade Representative (United States Trade Representative, USTR). Then, Brownback returned to Kansas and resumed his work as Minister of Agriculture, remaining in that position until 1993 Godon was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1994 and took part in the early elections in 1996, hoping to replace Sen. Bob Dole (Bob Dole) who resigned his seat to run for the US presidency. For some time replaced Republican Dole Sheila Frahm (Sheila Frahm), but Sam Brownback has bypassed the election and her and her rival Democrat Jill Docking (Jill Docking). In 1998, Brownback was elected to a full six-year term, defeating Democrat Paul Feliciano (Paul Feleciano), and in 2004 again won election to the Senate, gaining 69% of the vote, beating Democrat Lee Jones (Lee Jones).

In the Senate, Brownback was a member of the Judiciary Committee, Appropriations Committee, the Joint Economic Committee and the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Europe), also known as the US Helsinki Commission. Currently, he is chairman of the Helsinki Commission, which monitors compliance with international agreements of cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Brownback said that he will not be re-elected in 2010, because it supports term limits for members of Congress.

December 5, 2006 Sam Brownback announced the beginning of his presidential campaign, however, October 18, 2007, he retired from the race, citing a lack of funding. Officially, his decision was announced on 19 October. Later Brownback supported John McCain (John McCain) in the fight for the presidency. In 2008, Brownback said that it is considering a run for governor in 2010 and in January 2009, he officially submitted documents, which allowed him to participate in the elections. November 2, 2010 Brownback won the gubernatorial election with 63.3% of the vote, and January 10, 2011 formally took office.

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