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Ladies met in college, after kotorogomogli become a kindergarten teacher. Both began to look for jobs in supermarketepod name "Sears", which was engaged including dostavkoyzakusok and drinks on the house.

All ever pops up. So we know,that this famous rap team is going to get a greatest hits album, which sounds much more interesting, already it produces exactly a brand new album and it will be called "Brand New". And will etoradostnoe event no later than 21 October. ..

Let`s Talk About Past

Let me remind you once that SALT`N`PEPA - this female trio from America. Cheryl `Salt` James comes from a wealthy New York City borough of Brooklyn. Sandy`Pepa `Denton (p. 10.09.1969 was) was born in Jamaica, but grew as vNyu York (Queens Area) . Both families had many children.

Ladies met in college, after kotorogomogli become a kindergarten teacher. Both began to look for jobs in supermarketepod name "Sears", which was engaged including dostavkoyzakusok and drinks on the house. Sandy and Cheryl took orders by phone Isami is engaged in delivery. It is interesting that at the same time here rabotalii future stars of black music Kid`N`Play and Martin Lawrence, but not about nihrech. This supermarket and worked one Hurby `Luvbug` Azor, kotoryyposeschal also classes at the Art Center. His group was responsible zaprodyusirovanie youth projects. He wrote the song - the continuation of a very populyarnogosingla Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick "The Showstopper" and vlozhilee mouth two of his co-worker Sandy and Cheryl. Naturally, it was a rapAnd the project was called SUPER NATURE. This song really liked leybluPop Art Records, and in October 1985 released the single under the same nazvaniem.Na surprise he took a respectable 46th place in billbordovskom spiskepopulyarnosti " black " music.

Strangely, they signed a contract with another zvukozapisyvayuscheykompaniey Next Plateau Records,cooperation with which began with vypuskasleduyuschego their single "I`ll Take Your Man". By the way, their new rabotystali go already familiar under the guise of the now SALT`N`PEPA (it otryvokiz song "Showstopper", where the girls sing "We`re the Saltand Pepa MC`s").

Their first album "Hot, Cool & Vicious" poyavilsyav 1986. The main producer and songwriter for him was the course zheHurby. Although the singles from this work and have not achieved a stunning victory nayazyke numbers, but all the same songs such as "I`ll Take Your Man", "BeautyAnd The Beat" and "Tramp" (for this single girls removed svoepervoe video!) Left a great impression. And their song "Push It" in 1988 ,which amounted to the original b-side to the single "Tramp", has made the present furore mainly due DJs suddenly prinyavshimsyaraskruchivat it. Ladies even had to re-release it as a single, and appeared in the first onmgnovenno sorokovke " Billboard ". Thus, the set of his and their debut album gained platinum status ,sdelaviz SALT`N`PEPA superstars and the first female rap collective takihvysot reached.

The arrival of the group of third rapper Dee Dee `Spinderella`Roper held in 1987. In the early history of the group and left opredelennyysled Madame - DJ Latoya Hanson. But it did not work with the other ladies, and especially with Cheryl, and was forced to leave the band ,vnasledstvo leaving his successor nickname "Spinderella". Now onarabotaet under the name of The Original.

Dee Dee Roper was in high school, when she could probitsyav basic structure SALT`N`PEPA before the start of their tour in 1987. Kaktolko Hurby finished work on new songs, newly minted triozapisalo rap album "A Salt With A Deadly Pepa".I must say chtoih savvy producer and composer of the repertoire did not want pererabatyvat.V result of the new album was a hell of a mixture of classical pieces pererabotokmnogih group ISLEY BROTHERS. He sold poslabeesvoego predecessor (barely held on to " gold ") ,and none izego singles could not cross the barrier of the coveted 40th place in the US, but the UK single "Shake Your Thang" was the twenty-second, and "TwistAnd Shout" even flew on the 4th place. Everything falls into place when you consider that Hurby Azor did not keep up with all curated svoihproektov, whose number is increasing constantly. A group label nemenee the required work on the third album.

Let`s Talk About Sex

Girls wait tortured attention from Hurby, which pyhtelnad album Kid`N`Play "House Party", took the reins, and Salt pravleniyav their fragile little hands. When their indispensable man still soizvolilvernutsya to work on a new album ,need to practically isparilas.Neveroyatno, but the girls so cool assigned the responsibilities that his account for 80 percent of the disk has already been done. The ladies themselves napisaliteksty, was produced by and, of course, these things are fulfilled. Album "Blacks`Magic" debuted in the spring of 1990 and became the most powerful in kareregruppy. His first singles raised many issues of concern to intimnyhvzaimootnosheny floors, in particular, they condemned the reluctance of many lyudeyprosvetitsya before making love.

It`s time to release something more than just horoshayaaktualnaya song. According to the statement Pepa,What about the idea of writing their zamechatelnogozapominayuschegosya hit "Let`s Talk About Sex" threw them poteryavshiybylo their former positions Hurby. Despite the fact that the lyrics are too otkrovennyytekst caused lingering doubts among its creators, " propustyatna radio or not," work on it took place in the shortest possible time. Trekv extremely simple manner urged cherecchur notorious neboyatsya people discuss with each other sexual themes. To " pass " single and its video still needed an edited version pesni.Ona something and brought worldwide success to girls spring of 1991.

Ten of the best songs on the album were soon luchshihhitov SALT`N`PEPA.Most of them were otremikshirovany or perepisany.Zatem released video version of this compilation.

All 1992 trio largely rested. While there, problemarasprostraneniya AIDS did not give girls and producer of rest. News analysis opolozhitelnom famous basketball maestro Magic Dzhonsonapobudila them to rewrite the text of their most famous songs. She was called "Let`s Talk About AIDS" and left the spring of 1992 with a profit otee sales is transferred to the charity T.J. Martell.Vo during numerous interviews the girl said ,novymalbomom that are working, and even began to Spin for a solo project in addition to the work of the group.

Let`s Talk About Man

Finally, the fall of 1993 came to the new album "VeryNecessary". Slim and sexy video bit strengthened SALT`N`PEPAdo sound recognition. Hurby again fulfilled all of its regular duties ,avse three girls involved in the creative process like never aktivno.Eto creation of the group was even more grandiose and acquired in korotkiysrok triple platinum status. One of his singles "Snoop" stalpervym collection group, which has managed to break into the top amerikanskuyudesyatku, while "Whatta Man" (yet another cover ,on etotraz eponymous hit from the repertoire Linda Lyndells 1968) priglashennymvokalom with their counterparts from the EN VOGUE Golden Hit was another group zabravshimsyana 3rd place in the United States. A good successor to his fame was another double singliz this album "Heaven`N Hell / None Of Your Business".The second part will soon clearly overwhelmed by the popularity of the first and vyigraladlya rapper several prestigious awards.


The next two years in the collective life swept both odnomgnovenie. Apart from participation in the second " Woodstock " in 1994, recording a charity album of women`s "Is not Nuthin `But AShe Thing",for which they wrote the title song, we can say that women have left with his head in a motion picture.

Their songs have become companions of many popular paintings. Krometogo, Salt starred as modelersha in the film "Who`s The Man?" (1994) - in the credits as shining names of rappers Ed Lover and Dr. Dre,Spinderellazaneslo in the film with the NBA star and musician Shakilla O`Neill "Kazaam" (1996) , the soundtrack to which was also involved her first solnyynomer. Pepa also distinguished her series called "Joe`s Apartment" (1996). However, they can be seen in the documentary chronicle called "Rhyme And Reason" (1997). It`s a brand new of documentary, which brought together rap star on stage and for the interview.

But back to the music. The group recently organized sobstvennyyleybl "Jireh", which will deal with the support of young repperov.V this year came as three new songs from SALT`N`PEPA. This "Champagne" from the soundtrack to the film

"Bulletproof","Upside Down" from the famous "Space Jam" with Michael Jordan and the newest single "AreYou Ready?", Will be on sale recently. Out of the new albomavse time was postponed due to the sudden bankruptcy of Red Ant Records. Novopros settle itself when this label enlisted Polygram.Samaya strange news about this album - this isthat Hurby Azor not imelna this time nothing to write new songs the trio. Another stoyascheynovostyu for rap fans, and creativity SALT`N`PEPA particularly yavlyaetsyaobyavlenie label London Records on the release of a new greatest hits album gruppy.SALT`N`PEPA will live !. .

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