Sabrina Ferilli

Picture of Sabrina Ferilli

Date of Birth: 06/28/1964

Age: 52

Citizenship: Italy


Sabrina Ferilli was born in Rome. Her father was the speaker of the communist party in the regional parliament of Lazio, so it is a child absorbed the left direction in politics and often does not hide it.

After high school, Sabrina Roman rejected the invitation of the Center of experimental cinema (Eng. Experimental Cinematography Centre) and began to teach diction lessons. That she escaped involvement in the porn industry, where she was called because of its shape. Her career began when she worked in the famous Roman center of the film and participated in the local staging of the drama. But the first successful film with her participation was "Red American" in 1991. She was invited to the various projects, as well as to pay large fees for participation in the movie. In 1993, she vyigravaet Italian critics award for best actress in the film, "Beautiful Life". Later, out of a movie and is only involved in the filming of second-rate TV shows and movies. But on television it has also become famous because of the fact that very passionately plays its role.

Sabrina is well known as a cheerleader decided the football club "Roma" and a member of the fanclub team. In 1998, she publicly promised that if the team wins, she will act nude for a men`s magazine. In 2001, when the club became the champion of Italy. In the same year the magazine