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Year of birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


In the summer of 1984 in the activities of "Anthrax" came the break, did not neglect to take advantage of its members Scott Ian (born December 31, 1963,. Guitar) and Charlie Benante (born 27 November 1962 ;. Drums). Taking with him a former colleague on " Anthrax ", bassist Dan Lilkera (born October 18, 1964. ;later - "Nuclear assault") and large roadie Billy Milano (vocals) , they hastily built a side-project "Stormtroopers of death", better known under the guise of "S.O.D.".

Gathered in the New York studio "Pyramid Sound" with producer Alex Perialesom guys literally more than twenty songs recorded in three days ,included in the book "Speak English Or Die". This album, published in "Megaforce" was a hot mixture of hardcore, punk and speed metal.

The effect is amplified funky lyrics, kind of black humor, sexual, racial and other sensitive topics. Disc bombshell. Immediately there was a whole army of fans ,ponapokupali are currently about a million copies of records.

S.O.D.Gruppe even had to take a small tour, during which the band played about a dozen shows. However, as the team is merely a temporary formation ,then after the festival "With Full Force" in German musicians dispersed to their main teams. Each continued to do their work, but after seven "S.O.D." again briefly come together, giving a series of concerts. Temporarily rename the legendary New York club " S.V.G.V. " at Budokan ,group went on stage with the support of "Agnostic Front" and "Morbid Angel". On the basis of this statement and was recorded live album "Live At Vudokan ". The album consisted mainly of remix stuff from the first album, and prdyusiroval it all the same Alex Periales.

At the concert Billy Milano shouted : " We`ll meet again seven years later ! ". And although it was another joke, actually it so happened that in 1999, "S.O.D." We were again together.

S.O.D. Actually the reason for this was found a year earlier, when Lilker wandered into a rehearsal "Anthrax" and undertook to jam with friends. Stimulated by Ian and Benante began slowly to record new material, and by the end of 1998-of the work was in full swing. At the beginning of 1999, the guys joined Milan and after a while the album "Bigger Than the Devil" was ready. Disc Cover envelope parodied "The Number Of The Beast" from the "Iron maiden", only instead of the famous Eddie figured Sezhant Dee. The album was recorded in the "Big Blue Studios" in Jersey with producer Tim GillesAnd was issued on "Nuclear Blast". After his release "S.O.D." participated in the "Dynamo Open Air Festival" and made a European tour, which ended with a concert in London.

The tour was very successful and resulted in the release of the video "Kill Yourself: the Movie". This band broke up again and now it is not known whether they will meet ever again.

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