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Place of birth : Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Raisha Berreyn

Original name: Ryeisha Berrain


Quite popular contemporary American rap singer, actress and dancer. His debut film role she played in 2012, in the film ` 21 Jump Street` (in cinemas in Russia - ` Macho and botan`) .

Born Raisha Berreyn (Ryeisha Berrain) in 1990 in Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland, US).Music was interested in the girl since childhood, and at the age of 16, she started performing, while the music industry was the main dream girl. In addition, she was 8 years old she danced and danced to adolescence almost professionally.

At some point, Rye Rye met another of his sister ,rapper Blaqstarr, and it was with him she worked in 2006 on the song, which later became a club hit. After that Rye Rye began writing his own songs even more actively. As a result, Blaqstarr brought it with other rappers, and in autumn 2007 Rye Rye has toured with the singer M.i.a., and signed on its label `N.E.E.T`.Scheduled for 2009, the album had to be postponed Rye Rye. Not when he went out as planiroaalos, and in 2011. As a result, her debut album was released only in 2012. he called `Go ! Pop! Bang! ` And received a very praise. However, many of the songs from the album, the singer has already released singles - `Boom Boom`,` Sunshine`, `Never Will Be Mine`,but because rap fans were waiting for the album`s release with impatience.

While waiting for the release, Rye Rye lot of work, including recording with other artists - DJ Duplo, Zakee, M.I.A. and others. Generally, it is the singer M.I.A. young rapper owes very much - it openly referred to protege M.I.A., and indeed Rye Rye does not reject this ; in front ofShe believes M.I.A. his benefactor, and a meeting with her calls one of the happiest in my life.

`Bang` single was released in 2009, and it is this song sounded in the famous movie ` Fast and Furious 4` (` Fast & Furious`).

In 2010, Rye Rye performed in Miami (Miami), opening for indierock band `The Gossip` during the event Winter Music Conference.

Not long ago, the singer has acted in the role of an actress, starring in the movie ` Macho and botan`, as well as performing in the film the main musical theme.

From privacy Rye Rye it is known that at the same time music career girl in college, where he studied child care. It is also known ,In 2009, together with her boyfriend Evan Battle (Evan Battle) in 18 -year-old Rye Rye had a daughter, baby Kennidi Maleyzhia Battle (Kennidi Malaysia Battle).

In addition to the musical activities, Rye Rye stands out on the musical horizon of their unusual style. knownshe is the muse for fashion designer Prabal Gurung (Prabal Gurung). The very same Rye Rye says that puts so that at any moment it was possible to start dancing.

It is called today ` Baltimora` voice, the singer also does not deny that its homeland, the State of Baltimore, largely influenced her work ,and now she has become the personification of Baltimore. By the way, in Baltimore club music Rye Rye and really valued very highly.

Today Rye Rye is still the author of one studio album, 6 singles, as well as more than a dozen times she recorded with other musicians

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