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Date of Birth: 04/10/1979

Age: 37

Citizenship: Philippines

Star Filipino soap operas

Actor Christopher Agoncillo outside the Philippines known to few; at home, however, Christopher is known pretty well - he had a chance to play in a number of popular TV series and try yourself as a master.

Agoncillo was born in a family with income levels above the average; as a result, from an early age he studied exclusively in private educational institutions. At the University of De La Salle University-Manila, Christopher received a bachelor of arts; he specialized in communication.

As a model for the first time Christopher tried his 15 years. For some time he appeared in television commercials; among other things, he had to play in the rollers `Greenwich Pizza`,` Sprite`, `Smart Telecommunication`,` Emperador Brandy`.

Over time Agoncillo retrained from an ordinary actor advertising in quite a professional moderator; so he became one of the first major project `Mornings at GMA` - GMA Network network morning program. For a while he was on the same channel project `Campus Video`, but it was closed rather quickly.

Subsequently Agoncillo moved to ABS-CBN Channel, where he was assigned the care of the morning talk show `Talk TV`; in company with his Agoncillo were Julius Babao (Julius Babao), Christina Bersoli Baba (Christine Bersola-Babao) and Jeanette McBride (Janette McBride). Some time McBride Agoncillo and worked in the same air; popular rumor even had time to ascribe to them a novel.

In the future, leading replaced many more television programs. In 2005, the project `Studio 23`` Y-Speak` Agoncillo brought him the first prize `KBP Golden Dove`. One of the most well-known projects with his participation was a Philippine talent show `Talentadong Pinoy` channel TV5; many Agoncillo remembered also for the Argentine version of the project `Factor straha` (` Fear Factor`).

One only talk show and game projects a list of television credits Agoncillo are not limited to - he could try his hand and as an actor. The most well-known role Agoncillo played in the soap opera `Krystala`; his beloved in this series, played by Judy Ann Santos (Judy Ann Santos). Later Agoncillo and Santos met again on the set of the project `Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo`. The role fairly entangled in themselves and what is happening newlyweds failed actor simply brilliant - it was nominated in the category `Best akter` in a number of awards.

In the near future, Santos and Agoncillo will once again play together - in the film `Mr. domohozyayka` (` Mr. Housewife`).

The soap opera ABS-CBN `Bituing Walang Ningning` Agoncillo has played a major role; Here the company he made Sarah Geronimo (Sarah Geronimo), Angelica Cruz case (Angelika dela Cruz) and Over For Padilla (Zsa Zsa Padilla). Starring actor and independent film productions.

In 2007, in a shopping center `Glorietta` hosted an exhibition of photographs Agoncillo; sponsored exhibition `Fujifilm`. In 2008, the actor issued an album of his works; to some extent, this album was a gift to his fiancee, Judy Santos. Photo - is not the only passion Agoncillo; actor pays a lot of time tinkering with motorcycles and sports Drift. It is known that several times Agoncillo performed in these drifterskih competitions.

July 19, 2008-th it became known that Agoncillo got engaged with his colleague and co-star Judy Santos. Christopher and Judy were married April 28, 2009 th, as part of a private ceremony; c since the couple had two children already. At the moment, Christopher continued to appear in various television projects.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Website: Celebrities

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