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After the collapse of the Adams Group was in a group of `Whiskeytow`, the founders of which convinced Ryan to go from punk rock to alt-country.

At first, he was a member of `Whiskeytown`, but left the band to start a solo career, releasing in 2000 ` Heartbreaker`,debut album in the genre of alt-country. He lived a long time in New York (New York City), and the most famous musician song, `New York, New York` second album ` Gold`, dedicated to this city. Adams has recorded five solo albums and five albums with the band `The Cardinals`, with whom he worked from 2004 to 2009. Besides,Adams acted as a producer of albums Jesse Malin (Jesse Malin) and Willie Nelson (Willie Nelson), a legend of American country music. He also participated in the creation and recording an album of various artists, including the rock band `Counting Crows`, folk-rock group ` America` and `Cowboy Junkies`, Norah Jones (Norah Jones),British singer and actress Minnie Driver (Minnie Driver), an Englishwoman Leona Naess (Leona Naess), well-known Jamaican performers of ska and reggae `Toots and the Maytals`, Beth Orton (Beth Orton) and Australian Krista Polvere (Krista Polvere).In 2002, Adams appeared in the television show `CMT Crossroads` with his friend Elton John (Elton John).

In early 2009, Adams retired from `The Cardinals` and announced that he was taking a break in his musical career, the timing of which he has not yet decided. The reason for this decision were hearing impairment caused by the disease

Meniere ,and disappointment in the music industry as a whole. The following year, Ryan became the founder of his own record label `PAX AM` and began to publish albums that could not release before. He also published two books, `Infinity Blues` and ` Hello Sunshine`, consisting of poems and short stories. In February 2009 it became known about the engagement of Ryan Adams, the actress and singer Mandy Moore (Mandy Moore), known to the audience for the films ` printsessy` Diaries (The Princess Diaries, 2001) , ` Hurry lyubit` (A Walk to Remember, 2002) , ` because I hochu` (because I Said so, 2007), ` Yuga` Tales (Southland Tales, 2007) and` brak` Licenses (license to Wed,2007). The lovers were married March 10, 2009 in Savannah, Georgia (Savannah, Georgia).

Ryan Adams was born November 5, 1974 in Jacksonville, North Carolina. When he was eight years old, Adams started to write short stories and limericks, having mastered the typewriter of his grandmother. He just read the sinister and grim stories of Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan Poe) and was just in love with them. Becoming a teenager, he became interested in the work of passion, Henry Miller (Henry Miller), Jack Kerouac (Jack Kerouac) and severe prose of Hubert Selby (Hubert Selby Jr.).At the age of fourteen years, Adams received a gift from his mother and stepfather, his first electric guitar, learned to play on it, and soon joined a local band `Blank Label`. Although `Blank Label` long stretched from the group were several entries, dated 1991. At the beginning of the penultimate school year, Adams quit school and moved to a house with a rented apartment outside Jacksonville, where one of his partners in the group lived. During this time he played with two local groups, `Ass` and ` The Lazy Stars`. He then joined the `The Patty Duke Syndrome`,but I played with them only once in Jacksonville bar. After receiving matriculation, Adams left Jacksonville to Raleigh (Raleigh), and `The Patty Duke Syndrome` collapsed in 1994, leaving only a single.

After the collapse of the Adams Group was in a group of `Whiskeytow`, the founders of which convinced Ryan to go from punk rock to alt-country. The group quickly gained popularity after the release of their second album and made its members fairly well-known musicians, but a few years later, Adams decided to pursue a solo career and succeeded. In 2006, he admitted that for a long time suffered from drug addiction who regularly consumed a mixture of heroin with cocaine ,alcohol and pills, but overcame his illness.

In March 2010 he released his first album after a break `Orion`, being under the influence of music in the style of metal.

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