Ruth Benerito

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Date of Birth: 01/12/1916

Age: 97

Place of birth: New Orleans

Citizenship: United States

Savior cotton sector

Ruth Rogan Benerito was born January 12, 1916-th in New Orleans (New Orleans), where he grew up. In an age where girls are usually limited to a meager education, Ruth`s father made sure that she got a decent knowledge. At age 14, Ruth graduated from high school, then enrolled in college Sophie Newcomb College, and after - at Tulane University (Tulane University), where she holds degrees in chemistry.

Wanting to devote himself to chemical research, Rogan faced with the problems that brought with it the Great Depression and was forced for a time to switch to teaching in the local schools in Jefferson Parish (Jefferson Parish), to the west of New Orleans. When Rogan taught in Newcomb, she was engaged in quantitative analysis, physical and organic chemistry, kinetics and thermodynamics. In addition, Ruth successfully combine work with studies at Tulane, in the evenings to earn a master`s degree.

During the Second World Rogan trained college students. By the end of the war she received a PhD (physical chemistry). She married Frank Benerito (Frank Benerito) in 1950 and began working in the Southern Regional Research Center of the US Department of Agriculture in New Orleans, where he spent most of his career. In the later years of his life Benerito explored cotton fibers, combining scientific work with teaching at Tulane and the University of New Orleans (University of New Orleans). She continued to teach and once in 1986, retired.

One of its most famous works - it`s recycled cotton, which brought as many as the inventor of 55 patents. Clothes made of cotton differs more resistance and is not too wrinkled. His Benerito discovery made while working in the laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture in 1950. She motivated by a desire to save time, which had to spend on the grueling ironing. Chemical means Benerito processed cotton surface to enhance resistance to creases. Furthermore this effect, the fabric becomes smaller and become contaminated more fire resistant. As mentioned, the invention Ruth simply `cotton otrasl` saved from collapse.

Benerito invention secret lies in the process causes the formation of transverse (intermolecular) bonds. About 90% cotton fibers consist of cellulose. As synthetic nylon and polyester fibers, cellulose is a polymer that its molecules are in the form of long chains containing thousands of atoms. Benerito processing procedure opened fibers to the long, chain-like form cellulose molecules joined together chemically. It has been known that cellulose molecules can stick together because of weak hydrogen bonds between them. Benerito strengthened these hydrogen bonds, and the procedure `sshivki` made cotton resistant to wrinkling.

In addition to the significant contribution in the textile industry, Benerito during the Korean War, it has developed a method of intravenous nutrient fat. Procedure subjected seriously wounded soldiers who were no longer able to feed themselves.

In 2008 Benerito was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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