Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Date of Birth: 03/15/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, - the second woman in the history of American jurisprudence, which became in 1993 a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States (the first was Sandra Day O`Connor, Irish for The origin).

Born in New York in 1933 in the family furrier Nathan and housewives Qili. She was the second child in the family, her older sister died at an early age, and Ruth was alone in the parents. Mom daughter is addicted to reading and often drove in bibilioteka located not far from the house over a small Chinese restaurant. Later, Ruth recalled that Chinese cuisine flavors always associated her with the highest bliss to keep in the hands of the book. His mother died of cancer early, but she taught her daughter to appreciate the true human values ??and it was for this example that Ruth will rukovodstvuvodsya both in personal life and in the judicial practice, maintaining the principle of justice and equality. She graduated from Cornell University with a maximum score in all subjects. It also met with Martin Ginsburg, whom she married and moved to Oklahoma, where her husband served in the army. In 1956, the couple returned to New York, and the two continued their education at Harvard University Faculty of Law. After graduating from university with a brilliant certificate and received excellent recommendations, Ruth could not get a job in any law office, so I agreed to become an assistant district judge, parallel reading of the law faculty of the University lectures to students at Rutgers in New Jersey. Since 1961, she taught at Columbia University, becoming a professor in 1963.

Ruth Ginsburg admitted in their statements that the legal profession has chosen not to loosening the foundations of patriarchal society, but because it was absolutely certain that he can do the job much better and more conscientious of others. Her long judicial practice confirmed that it has always adhered to strictly comply with the laws, never go too far and are not fond of radical feminism, although it led a number of major non-governmental organizations, who defended the rights of women.

Between 1973rd on the 1972nd she won in the Supreme Court of five of the six processes. That Ruth Ginzburg proved that divorced fathers should receive alimony, provided that the children remained with the father, and widowers, who are in the care of small children, they are entitled to benefits. She insisted that the boys can buy beer at the same age as the girls, and women, like men, can act as the jury. Ruth protect women`s rights, proving that the Air Force must provide pregnant women officers paid leave. She was able to not only prepare but also to navigate through the higher legislative bodies of important amendments to the regulations and laws. Given the enormous prestige, Ruth Ginsburg invited leading educational institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, New York University, as well as training centers in France and the Netherlands.

Working in the federal appeals court in 1980 th to 1993rd years, Ruth Ginsburg wrote, in respect of three hundred decisions taken, became the author of two books in the field of civil law. It has put forward its candidacy of Bill Clinton in 1993 to the post of judge of the Supreme Court, and the Senate approved the decision.

Ruth Ginsburg is proud of its professional achievements, always remaining perfectly fair and just.

In Roux t two children. Jane`s daughter also became a lawyer and teaches at Columbia University copyright. Son of James is interested in classical music.

Ruth Ginsburg and today continues to work at the Supreme Court, while remaining an influential person in the community, enjoy going to the opera and in his spare time water skiing.