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on differential games specialist.

Game theory, graph theory, Aerodynamics - list of interests Rufus Isaacs was always quite wide. Most of all go well Isaacs one area, the theory of `differential igr`. How does the game have helped scientists to become famous all over the world?

Philip Rufus Isaacs - American scientist,an expert on game theory. Most of all, famous wire in the 50`s and 60s research on differential games.

Isaacs was born in New York City. In 1936, he received a bachelor`s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 1942 - a master`s degree and a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

After the war,Isaacs worked for some time at the University of Notre Dame; alas, in 1947m he had to leave that job because of problems with wages. Since 1948 and up for winter 1954-1955 Rufus worked in the corporation `RAND`. He worked problem solving boil down to classic games such as `persecution ukloneniya` - zero-sum for two players.A striking example of such a game can serve as a game developed by Isaacs `The Princess and the Chudovische`; investigation and analysis of this game is the best strategy for her is still going on. Similarly, details of the work of Rufus Isaacs in `RAND` little known,as most of his research was characterized by widely publicized secret and not commit. Only later, when Isaacs published his classic work on differential games, some clues about his previous activities of the public appeared; however, by the time a `RAND` scientist for 10 years as a separated.Mathematical research Isaacs concerned primarily the analysis of fractional order, graph theory, number theory and analytic functions. Certain results Isaacs could achieve with impressive regularity; so, in the course of their research in the field of graph theory Rufus opened the first two finite families of the Snark.Isaacs was able to compile a pre-existing method Blanusa and determine how it can be used to construct two infinite families of the Snark; columns of one of these families called `tsvetami`, Distribution - Snark Blanusa - Descartes - Szekeres. Moreover, Isaacs was able to find a 30 -vertex snark, do not belong to the first,nor to the second family (the so-called `double zvezdu`).

Engaged Isaacs and applied mathematics; he was interested in aerodynamics, optimization problems, the elasticity of the materials and the differential game (in the end it and glorified). After leaving the `RAND` Rufus worked primarily in the defense and aviation industry.At various times, he has worked with a number of outstanding research scientists, like Richard Bellman (Richard E. Bellman), Leonard Berkowitz (Leonard D. Berkovitz), David Blackwell (David H. Blackwell), John Danskin (John M. Danskin) Melvin Drescher (Melvin Dresher), Wendell Fleming (Wendell H. Fleming), Glicksberg Irving (Irving L. Glicksberg),Gross Oliver (Oliver A. Gross), Samuel Karlin (Samuel Karlin), John Milnor (John W. Milnor), John Nash (John F. Nash) and Lloyd Shapley (Lloyd S. Shapley). A lot of Rufus made ??for the development of mathematical optimization theory ; among other things, he has worked with such fundamental concepts ,as dynamic programming and Pontryagin maximum principle. Theories introduced Rufus Isaacs, still widely used in the economy and other areas of scientific knowledge.

In 1942 he married Rose Isaacs Barkov (Rose Barcov); later they had two daughters.

In 2003-m the executive board of the International Society of Dynamic Games has created a `prize for outstanding contributions to the theory and application of dynamic igr`; This prize is awarded to two scientists at each of the workshops of the Company and named after Rufus Isaacs. By the current moment Isaacs Prize awarded for 12 scientists.

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