Rudolf Virchow

Picture of Rudolf Virchow

Date of Birth: 10/13/1821

Age: 80

Place of birth: Shifelbeyn Pomerania Province

Citizenship: Germany


Virchow, Rudolf Ludwig Karl (Virchow, Rudolf Ludwig Karl) (1821-1902), a German pathologist, anthropologist, archaeologist and politician. Born October 13, 1821 in Shifelbeyne (Pomerania, today in Poland Swidwin). Primary education in the family and in private schools. At age 14, he entered the fourth grade school in Keshline. In 1839 he entered the University of Berlin, selecting the theme of the works of "a life of labor and struggle, there is no yoke, but a blessing." In 1843 he defended his doctoral thesis in the same year joined the Charite clinic in Berlin. In 1846 became the Coroner, in 1847 - a professor of the University of Berlin. He founded the journal "Archives of Pathological Anatomy and Clinical Medicine