Rudolf Brazda

Picture of Rudolf Brazda

Date of Birth: 06/26/1913

Age: 98

Place of birth: meuselwitz

Citizenship: Czech Republic

of the Nazi concentration camps

Born in what is now the reins meuselwitz (Meuselwitz); He was the youngest of eight children. For a while he tried to work as an assistant at a local clothing store, but was then forced to retrain in roofers.

In the early 30`s, shortly before the coming to power of the Nazis, Rudolf stopped hiding from others their sexual orientation - in the country at that time gays were treated fairly tolerant. In the summer of 1933 he met the reins with a certain Werner (Werner); Together, they rented a house in the local Jehovah`s Witness - by the way, who knew about their unconventional.

Almost two years reins and Werner have lived quite happily - despite the fact that the Nazis were already rather strengthened their positions. Lovers actively traveled the country and talked with other gays and lesbians.

In 1936, Werner was drafted; Reins got a job in one of the Leipzig hotels. The situation in the country is tense - Nazis are increasingly staged trials of the `` blue; Finally, in 1937, investigators reached and Rudolph. For violation of the laws of the reins went to jail for six months; Unfortunately, traces of Werner in the ensuing confusion he lost. Just follow the fate of other reins and failed; it is assumed that he died in 1940 in battle against the British.

After serving his sentence, the reins had been expelled from Germany. Legally, he was considered a citizen of Czechoslovakia - and even tried; alas, Czech Rudolf did not know.

For some time the reins lived in the Sudetenland (Sudetenland) - but a year later she became a German province. In April 1941, Rudolf was arrested again and again appeared before the court; in June of 1942 - at the very end of the second sroka- he was sentenced to be sent to a concentration camp.

The reins of Buchenwald arrived on August 8th, 1942; freedom he managed to get only 11 of April 1945. In the camp, Rudolf worked as a roofer; his eyes often occurred over the atrocities of the Nazis homosexuals - and ordinary prisoners; Reins was sure that it does not pass this cup.

At the beginning of April 1945, the Germans began to evacuate the camp; each helped Rudolph hide and avoid sending along with the other prisoners. Most likely, it saved the life of the reins - the prisoners were transferred in a mode quite hard, and those who survive this regime has not been able to - were shot on the spot.

After the liberation of the reins of the donkey in the south of Alsace (Alsace); after some time, he established a relationship with the local gay. In the early `50s, Rudolf met with a certain Eddie (Edi); inflamed their affair lasted about half a century. Only death could separate the lovers - Eddie died in 2003.

Even as a very old man, reins closely followed the news. In 2008, German television reported the discovery of a memorial in memory of the sexual minorities, who fell victim to the Nazis. At the very opening of Rudolf was unable to attend, however, a number of subsequent events yet visited. Later, he was a frequent guest of such events; of particular interest to journalists is the fact that the reins was the last survivor of wearing the pink triangle.

Rudolph died reins on August 3rd of 2011, in the hospital Bantsetheym commune (Bantzenheim), in north-eastern France. At the time of the death of Rudolf it was 98 years old. The first death reins announced yagg.com - French popular LGBT website.