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Date of Birth: 04/01/1899

Age: 69

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


In 1919 he entered the drama studio Chaliapin, in 1920 - in the studio Vakhtangov (B-I MAT Studio, 1926 - Theatre Vakhtangov..). The roles played by young actor in productions Vakhtangov - Greek Dymba (Chekhov`s Wedding, 1920), Joseph (The Miracle of St. Anthony M. Maeterlinck, 1921), Truffaldino (Princess Turandot C.Gozzi, 1922) - discovered his natural grace, graceful comic gift , susceptibility to acute eccentrically scenic picture.

In 1921, Simon began directing operations. In 1926-1938 - an actor and director of Theater. Eugene. Vakhtangov from 1939 to the end of life, while remaining an actor - the artistic director of the theater. In 1920-1930, at the same time he led to three Armenian studios Uzbek studio and "under the leadership of the theater-studio R.N.Simonova". Among the best roles of actor Simon - Amethyst (Zoyka apartment Mikhail Bulgakov, 1926), Costa Captain (Aristocrats N. Pogodin, 1935), Benedict (Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare, 1936), Oleko Dundich and Cyrano de Bergerac (about. n A.Rzheshevskogo, M.Katsa and E.De Rostand, both in 1942;. State Prize 1943, for the performance of both roles), Domenico Soriano (Filumena Marturano E.De Filippo, 1956). Gleeful ease talent of improvisation were marked by his Benedict Khlestakov in Gogol`s The Government Inspector (1939), in a clever irony and brilliance Cyrano sounded sorrowful loneliness note, and in Costa Captain for the careless manner of human behavior with a dark past seen a slow and difficult process of moral degeneration. Joyous, irony, lyrical sadness, warmth filled the image of the actor Domenico Soriano. Attention to form combined Simonov actor with an interest in solving psychological image.

Genre diversity is typical for Simonov, director. Having chosen for his first studio in it. Eugene. Vakhtangov play vaudeville Lev D.Lenskogo Gurych Sinichkin (1924), it is a creative way for not leaving this close to him and genres, often (as, for example, Mademoiselle Nitouche D.Erve, 1944), turning, according to the poet P.Antokolskogo, "pustenkuyu operetta in poetic comedy." At the same time Simonov was created and dramatic sound performances. The depth of psychological analysis and elegance of form characteristic of his classic performances -. Thomas Gordeyev Gorky (1956), Leo Tolstoy`s The Living Corpse (1962), etc. In 1933 was staged intervention L.Slavina, 1937 - A man with a gun N. Pogodin (BV Shchukin presented the opportunity to play Lenin, one of his best roles); during the war - Front A.Korneychuka where actors receive treatment directly into the audience sounded in 1942 is particularly relevant. Production in 1949 Conspiracy of the doomed N.Virty was awarded the State Prize (1950).

Last work of director Simon -Varshavskaya melody L.Zorina (1967) - marked by a taste for a good drama and the artistry, elegance of form, which has always been characteristic of him as an artist. For the staging of classical repertoire and the Soviet Simonov was awarded the Lenin Prize in 1967. Directed Drama Theatre, he staged a number of operas at the Bolshoi Theatre: Abessalom and Eteri Z.Paliashvili (1939), Tchaikovsky`s The Slippers (1941), Bizet Carmen (1945), Gounod Faust (1961). Acted in a movie, for a role Osman Pasha in the film V.Pudovkina Admiral Nakhimov (1947) actor in the same year was awarded the State Prize.

From 1924 he taught at the Simon School at the Vakhtangov Studio (now the Theater School. BV Shchukin), Professor since 1946. Student Vakhtangov, Simonov through the creative fidelity to life carried the artistic traditions of the great director.

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