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Date of Birth: 08/31/1932

Age: 62

Place of Birth: County of Yorkshire

Citizenship: United Kingdom

tap dance on percussion Master

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Roy Castle was born in the settlement of Scholes, near Holmferta, county East Riding of Yorkshire (Holmfirth, West Riding of Yorkshire), August 31, 1932 th, and was the son of a railway worker. Roy studied tap dance from an early age and went to the dance Nora Bray school. At the end of high school in the Castle moved entertainer and in 1950 moved to Cleveleys (Cleveleys), close to Blackpool (Blackpool).

In 1953, Castle began his professional career by obtaining a place in an assistant comedians Jimmy Klizero (Jimmy Clitheroe) and Jimmy James (Jimmy James). By 1958 th he delivered at the Royal Variety show, which, as usual, visited members of the British royal family, and after a couple of years, released his single Christmas song `Little White Berry`, which fell in the charts.

Castle starred in `Doctor Who and Daleki` (` The Roy Castle Show`) in 1965, where he received the role of Ian Chesterton. In the same year he was on the set of horror film `Dr. House of Horrors Terrora` (` Dr. Terror`s House of Horrors`), which depicted the jazz musician Biff Bailey, to whom fell the curse of voodoo.

In 1967-1968 gg. Roy, along with Jimmy Edwards (Jimmy Edwards) remained the star of the comedy-farce `Big Bad Mouse`, show which took place in London`s West End. Staging, as they say, on the free scripts, and Castle with Edwards constantly improvising, `breaking fourth stenu`. First let himself freaks with a pipe, while Jimmy could go to the front seats in the auditorium, reading the paper, tap dance and run balls ping-pong table in the audience.

Castle first introduced viewers child transmission `Record Breakers` and remained its leading more than 20 years. He recorded a song for the show opening and during the existence of `Record Breakers` broke nine world records.

The record for the fastest tap dance percussion - 1440 strokes per minute, ie 24 beats per second - was raised by Roy January 14, 1973-th. He was also the first for the duration of walking on the wing of the plane - 3 hours 23 minutes. In addition, Castle turned consummate musician - played the same tune 43 different instruments for four minutes.

He ceased to be a leading `Record Breakers` just a few months before his death in 1994. Reins have passed to Cheryl Baker (Cheryl Baker) and former athlete Chris Akabusi (Kriss Akabusi). The transfer lasted 29 years and was closed in 2001, with the status of one of the most long-lived TV show in the UK.

In 1973, Castle has teamed up with one of his best friends, the actor and comedian Ronnie Barker (Ronnie Barker), to play in the episode `Another Fine Mess` series` Seven of One`. When, in 1975, a leading unwell Bruce Forsyth (Bruce Forsyth), Roy turned out to be a chance to replace it once in a game show `The Generation Game`.

Roy was married to dancer Fiona Dixon (Fiona Dickson) from 1963. A couple introduced comedian Eric Morecambe (Eric Morecambe). In marriage, had four children, including Ben Castle (Ben Castle), which became a jazz saxophonist. The couple were adherents of Christianity and regularly attended the local Baptist church.

Being a football fan and a fan club `Liverpul` Roy in less than six months before his death, he took part in the derby` Liverpool Everton` the stadium `Enfild` March 14 of 1994. He attended the game, when in May 1992 `Liverpul` defeated` Sanderlendom` in the FA Cup final.

In January 1992, at the Castle found lung cancer. According to the forecasts of doctors, the patient had to live not more than six months. Roy took chemotherapy and radiotherapy and achieved remission. I am a non-smoker, comedian considered to be a victim of passive smoking. For many years he played in smoky jazz clubs, and it is not passed in vain for him.

On November 26 1993, Roy announced the return of the disease. He again took an aggressive course of treatment in hopes to carve yourself extra time. A few months after chemotherapy Castle went on a concert tour `nadezhdy`, hoping to raise funds for the construction of the building, which was due to open charity fund named after Roy Castle.

The initiative was a success, and the main purpose of the fund are still searching for means to combat lung cancer. The founder of the organization, however, after the tour felt much worse and hope for a favorable outcome in the eyes melted. In this difficult period, and shortly after the death of Castle`s many restaurants and cafes, where smoking is prohibited, they were honored with a special award `Roy Castle Clean Air Award` for his decision, then still voluntary, to protect its visitors from passive smoking.

Roy Castle died in the county of Buckinghamshire (Buckinghamshire), September 2, 1994-th, two days after his 62 birthday.

After her husband died in Fiona he remained associated with the charity for many years. She was a key figure in the campaign for the adoption of the British law banning smoking in public places, and the law came into force in 2006 and 2007.

Between 1958 and 1969, Roy has recorded several singles and three full length. Some notable release was `Songs For A Rainy Day`, published in 1966, the company` Columbia Records`. Later reprinted plate has received another name, `This A Lovely Day`. The track listing for the album included 12 tracks, united by one theme - the rain. The record was attended by some of Britain`s best jazz musicians of the time including Beck Gordon (Gordon Beck), Jeff Klein (Jeff Clyne), Isaac Ike (Ike Isaacs) and Al Newman (Al Newman).

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