Rostislav Vergeles

Picture of Rostislav Vergeles

Date of Birth: 04/12/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Vinnytsia

Citizenship: Ukraine

Our base was sold for $ 5,000 some rascal

Interpol - rather closed structure. Get information on its activities can be except that of Hollywood movies. For example, appeared in 2009 blockbuster "International", which tells the story of how Interpol agent Louis Salinger (in his role as co-starred the famous British actor Clive Owen), risked his life to enter into a bloody battle with the organizers of an international criminal cartel. But really Interpol weekdays employees far from the cinematic tale. This is what we are talking with the former head of Interpol NCB in Ukraine Rostislav Vergeles.

Rostislav President, the last time we met in 2007. Then, to be frank with you reporters could not - did not allow the position. I hope that now, "your hands are untied ..."

- Yes, I can tell you about what happened to the Bureau from 2004 to 2008.

Perhaps the loudest for the Ukrainian Interpol was in 2005. Head Office was then appointed Kirill Kulikov (now MP from the OU-PSD). And you took the post of his deputy. Just at this time, the information appeared in the media that the former Interior Minister Nikolai Bilokon the international wanted list. Meanwhile, recently in an interview with "Today", he said that nothing like that was ...

- Nicholas Bilokon told you the truth. Interpol it has never really sought. First of all, because to declare a person wanted by possible only in the case against him a ruling on bringing criminally liable as a defendant. And against Nicholas Bilokon it was not a criminal case.

Whence, then, this information came from the journalists ?!

- Here is how it was. In April 2005, I was summoned by one of the deputy minister of internal affairs and asked how much to time to send a request through Interpol Bilokon? I replied that this procedure takes a few hours. He was glad someone called and said immediately run to the press information that Interpol has started checking against Nicholas Bilokon. Then orally (no paperwork!) Told me to prepare an appeal to the Russian bureau of Interpol about checking all the possible aspects of the life of ex-minister.

And what was your reaction?

- A few minutes later I was in shock. Then he came to his senses and realized that instead of looking for real criminals, we are working on a political order. Simply put, we form around the former senior official of the negative public opinion. At the same time reasons for collecting compromising information against Bilokon (! So even with the use of the Interpol system) we have - even a criminal case was not initiated. Therefore, to inspect, I did not. Especially because this issue no one else was interested.

A request you still sent?

- Someone sent him and signed. Who is, I do not remember. And after a while from the Interior Ministry`s response came. In this document, the Russians, in fact, we poked his nose in non-compliance with the agreements of interstate police. Firstly, as I said, we had no right to look for Nicholas Bilokon. Second, the request itself, from the point of view of international law, was issued illiterate. But the leadership of the Ministry of observations on colleagues not reacted.

So perhaps, left the Ukraine and other high-ranking officials, too, were not wanted? For example, the former head of the Dusi Igor Bakay, former first deputy chairman of the SBU, Vladimir Satsiuk and ex-mayor of Odessa Ruslan Bodelan?

- Were. As against them criminal proceedings on suspicion of abuse of office and embezzlement of budgetary funds have been raised. (According to the source "Today" in law enforcement, "the hook" them and not taken off - Ed.).

Rostislav A. how do you comment on this fact. The media wrote about the arrest in Moscow, the former head Dusi Ihor Bakay. However, official information about delayed or not, no one has given ...

- In June 2005 I called the head of Interpol Kirill Kulikov, and immediately ordered to go to Moscow, to any means to convince the Russian colleagues hold Ihor Bakay. I was very surprised, because these functions are not peculiar to Interpol. But we had no choice and I went. However, a number of meetings, which I spent in Moscow, gave no result. A search for ex-official in Russia I could not - did not have this authority. Later the staff of the Department of the CID (as required by law) have addressed this request to his Moscow colleagues. Those detained Ihor Bakay. And let go ... (According to the source "Today" former head of the Dusi spent two hours in the "monkey" in the police department Krylatskoye district. It supposedly happened a strange story. The police have lost the keys to the chamber in which he was sitting. Therefore, they had to call masters, so they cut out the door to the autogenous chamber However, official confirmation of this information is not available -. Ed.)..

And why do they let him go? After Igor Bakai was internationally wanted. I heard that the decision taken by the Russian police pressure high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation ...

- I think it was much easier. The police checked the documents Ihor Bakay and found out that he is a citizen of Russia. And according to the Russian Constitution, Russians can not be extradited to another country.

Why did you leave the Interior Ministry two years ago?

- Then again, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to the "orange" team. Kirill Kulikov, and Gennady Moskal started by all means try to remove me. Appointed to the position of my own man, and I was illegally brought into the reserve. Naturally, I went to court and prosecutor`s office. I hope that these facts will be given a proper legal assessment. Including the new leadership of the Interior Ministry. By the way, it hurts not only me but also my deputy Andrei Rassahatsky. He and I have done a lot to improve the regulatory framework Interpol. In particular, it addresses the issue at the legislative level, the transfer of personal data to foreign law enforcement agencies of Ukraine citizens to create electronic intruders databases. So do all over the world. But our law prohibits such things. Therefore, Ukrainian Interpol department is constantly on the verge of a serious violation of the requirements of national legislation. But to achieve solution to the problem had not.

The Israeli police have seen Pukach binoculars

Last year, finally, was detained ex-head of the "outdoor advertising" the Interior Ministry Aleksei Pukach, who is suspected in the murder of Georgy Gongadze. But before that he has long been internationally wanted. And in June 2005, according to media reports, he was allegedly seen in Israel. Moreover - there seems to be even traveled staff Interpol ...

- There was a story - tells Rostislav Vergeles. - In June 2005, I was called by an Israeli policeman and told that it is necessary to urgently prepare a document describing the guilt sought. I immediately realized that this is not a former general wanted, and about his detention. Therefore, immediately I called the inspector (Roman Shubin -. Auth.), Who led the case to the Prosecutor General`s Office, and flew with him to Israel. At night in the hotel I have translated all documents into English in the morning assured them seals in our Embassy. But it turned out that the Israeli police could not say anything specific about the location of Pukach. Therefore, in the day of Israel`s left we were there on the same question that we, the SBU. We stayed there for two days and also returned home. Much later, the Israelis reported that under his own name and surname Alexei Pukach their border is not crossed.

Curiously, another source of the "Today" in the police told a different version of what happened in Israel. The local law enforcement officers allegedly still "spotted" the ex-general in his country. Behind him allegedly under surveillance even in binoculars. But then Pukach somehow mysteriously disappeared. Maybe someone warned him that he is "under the hood"?

- If this assumption is true, it means that the ex-head of the "outdoor advertising" was not in all these years in Chudniv district Zhytomyr region, as previously reported by the media, - said the source of the "Today". - It is likely that he had come to surrender after talks with the investigation, received any guarantees. For example, after the trial, he will receive a lighter sentence enough. However, this is only version.