Rossano Brazzi

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Date of Birth: 09/18/1916

Age: 78

Place of birth: Bologna

Citizenship: Italy


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Bratstsi Rossano was born in Bologna, Italy (Bologna, Italy) on 18 September 1916. He studied at the University of San Marco in Florence (San Marco University, Florence), the city where he lived with four years.

On large screens Bratstsi debuted in 1939 - in Italian painting. His extensive filmography consists largely of Italian and French projects, but there are a few films that have brought international fame to the actor. This, of course, about the Hollywood blockbuster `Three Coins in fontane` 1954, where Rossano played the role of Giorgio Bianchi (Georgio Bianchi), and melodrama David Lean (David Lean) `Leto` (` Summertime`) of 1955, which he was the main male role, playing in tandem with Katharine Hepburn (Katharine Hepburn).

Other notable movies with Bratstsi were Italian-American crime drama `Barefoot grafinya` of 1954, the drama of David Miller (David Miller)` The story of Esther Kostello` ( `The Story of Esther Costello`) 1957, and the musical `South Pacific `(` Count Your Blessings`) with Mitzi Gaynor (Mitzi Gaynor). The melodrama Green Guy (Guy Green) `Light on ploschadi` (` The Light in the Piazza`) 1962 Rossano starred with Olivia de Havilland (Olivia de Havilland), and in the action comedy `Italian rabota` (` The Italian job`) 1969, working on the same site with Michael Caine (Michael Caine), Noel Coward (Noel Coward) and Benny Hill (Benny Hill).

In 1940 he married Baroness Bratstsi Bertolini Lydia (Lidia Bertolini), leaving her husband until her death in 1981. The couple had no children. In 1982 he married a German Ilse Fischer (Ilse Fischer). Although this marriage the actor had no children, on July 24th 1955 and had a son from his relationship with Lyuelloy Humphreys (Llewella Humphreys), the daughter of an influential mafia Murray Humphreys (Murray Humphreys). In 1984, the actor was arrested for arms trafficking.

Rossano died in Rome, on Christmas Eve 1994, at age 78, because of a virus,

afflicting the nervous system.

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