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Date of Birth: 02/01/1943

Age: 57

Place of birth: Rex

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Rosemarie Frankland was born on February 1, 1943 in the vicinity of Rex (Wrexham) to the north-east Wales, but a child`s parents took her in Lancashire, England (Lancashire, England). However, they often returned to Wales to stay with relatives and, especially, his grandmother, Fanny Greene (Fanny Green). Despite the fame that surrounded her then, Rosemary heart always belonged to the village.

She participated in many beauty pageants and won the title of `Miss Uels` (Miss Wales), which gave her the right in 1961 to take part in the national beauty contest in London (London). Then, winning the title of `Miss Velikobritaniya`, she became the first Briton and seventh inhabitant of Europe (Europe), won the contest` Miss world`. The previous winners were Swedish women who have won two of the first competition, in 1953, French, German three years later, the Finn in 1957 and a resident of the Netherlands (Netherlands) in 1959.

In addition, in the same 1961 she won second place in the contest `Miss Vselennaya` (Miss Universe). Together with Gina Swainson (Gina Swainson), `Miss Bermudy` (Miss Bermuda),` Miss world` and the first runner-up in the contest `Miss Vselennaya` (Miss Universe) 1979 Rosemary Frankland is one of the two women in the world who picked closest to the to win the crown of Miss world` and `and` Miss Vselennaya`. In the history of both competitions was another participant, claimed the same honor, Helen Morgan (Helen Morgan), who won the 1974 title of Miss Uels` `` Miss Velikobritaniya`, `Miss world` and runner-up in the Miss Universe contest` `, but her story is a little sadder - four days after winning the `Miss world` revealed that 22-year-old Helen is raising a young son. Rules are not forbidden to have children, they only stated that Member States must be unmarried, but Helen was forced to give up the crown. However, she made a good career as a model and actress, then another, and successfully married.

Becoming `Miss world`, Frankland was beginning an acting career, but it was very short. In 1964 she played a waitress in the drama `We Shall See`, then flashed a tiny roles in four television series, and finally, in 1965, starred in his latest (and most significant) project, with a Bob Hope comedy` I`ll Take Sweden`.

In 1970, Rosemary was married to singer and guitarist of the American rock band `The Grass Roots` Warren Entner (Warren Entner), and with it moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles). In 1976, their daughter Jessica (Jessica Entner) was born, their only child, and in 1981 they divorced.

Rosemarie Frankland died December 2, 2000 in Marina del Rey, California (Marina del Rey, California), as a result of an overdose after a severe depression. former beauty queen`s body was cremated and the ashes were transferred to Wales and buried at the local cemetery in the town of her childhood in February 2001.

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