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Date of Birth: 01/27/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Rosamund Pike was born on January 27, 1979, in London - in the family of Caroline and Julian Pike. The parents were opera singers, actresses, and from an early age instilled only daughter love for art.

At the time, Rosamund studied at the Bristol school and after - was admitted to the University of Oxford, where she studied literature, mainly English.

As a student, Rosamund actively played in student productions, occasionally attracting the attention of the film industry`s own figures talented game. Togdazhe future actress was offered several roles on TV and in the movies.

After graduation and awarded the title of bachelor, Rosamund devoted herself exclusively acting career.

The actress played a considerable number of films and also took part in various theater productions. Currently, the number of fans Rosamund great - connoisseurs actress every time eagerly awaiting the release of new works by Paik.

Rosamund Pike - not only a talented actress, but simply - fully developed personality. For example, it is completely speaks three languages ??(English, French and German). In addition, the actress perfectly playing the cello (she loves music since childhood, with the first visits to the opera performances).

Life Rosamund Pike - is a series of relationships with men, representatives of the arts world. In 1997, the actress began dating actor Woods, but their relationship was not as durable, as we would like Pike - they broke up in 2003 and it was. Also Rozmund was in a relationship with the artist Henry John, and in 2004, the year met with Joey Wright - director.

Their acquaintance, incidentally, took place on the set of the picture "Pride and Prejudice". Since then, the couple never parted.

In the summer of 2007 Rosamund and Joy were engaged and at the same time announced the appointment of the upcoming wedding time - May of 2008.

Currently, talented actress Rosamund Pike continues to work productively. In 2009, the year fans expect new projects with her participation.

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