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Date of Birth: 02/17/1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Kinnear: New James Bond star

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Kinnear - the owner of the theater Laurence Olivier Awards, to get him for the performance of the title role in the comedy play `Fashionable man or Sir bustling Fat` (` The Man of Mode, or Sir Fopling Flutter`). He earned a British Independent Film Award for the shooting in the drama `Slomlennye` (` Broken`) of 2012. Another award went to Olivier Kinnear in the nomination `Best akter` in 2014, with the image of the villain Iago in Shakespeare`s` Otello` ( `Othello`) in the production of the National Theatre.

Rory Kinnear born February 17, 1978 in London, England (London, England). His mother - the late teleaktrisa Carmel Cryan (Carmel Cryan), father - a famous British comedian Roy Kinnear (Roy Kinnear). September 20, 1988, during the shooting of Roy `Return mushketerov` (` The Return of the Musketeers`) fell from his horse, broke his pelvis and died of blood loss.

In Rory has two sisters - Christie and Karina. His grandfather, Roy Kinnear Muir (Roy Muir Kinnear), was a famous rugby player. Godfather Rory, Michael Williams (Michael Williams), was an actor and spouse Judi Dench (Judi Dench), who played James Bond in six parts.

Kinnear studied at the School Tower House School and St. Peter`s in London (London). He was a pupil of Oxford Balliol College (Balliol College, Oxford), and then studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Kinnear starred in the play `Maria Styuart` (` Mary Stuart`) directed by Phyllida Lloyd (Phyllida Lloyd) and Gamlete` `(` Hamlet`) in the production of Trevor Nunn (Trevor Nunn). The role of Laertes in `Gamlete` Rory brought the first notable success in his career. He has also gained recognition in the form of outrageous Sir Foplinga flutter in the play `Fashionable man or Sir Fat` fussy, and this role earned him an Olivier Award and Award Ayana Charleson.

Additional attention of theatergoers Kinnear earned per game mstitelya` `Tragedy (` The Revenger`s Tragedy`) Thomas Middleton (Thomas Middleton), Peter`s role in Filistimlyanah` `(` Philistines `) Gorky (M. Gorky) and Mitya in the theatrical version of the film by Nikita Mikhalkov (Nikita Mikhalkov) `Burnt solntsem` (` Burnt by the Sun`). All these roles were played at the Royal National Theatre.

Positive reviews markedly increased after the actor brilliantly transformed into a real sympathy Denis Thatcher (Denis Thatcher) in the television biopic `Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchli` (` Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley`) about the first years of Margaret in the political arena. The same pattern was attended by Andrea Riseborough (Andrea Riseborough) and Samuel West (Samuel West).

In 2010, Kinnear played Angelo in Shakespeare`s Measure for meru` `(` Measure For Measure`) in the Almeida Theatre. Later he was given the lead role in `Gamlete` at the National Theatre. Both images have helped Rory win theater award `Evening Standard` in the category `Best akter` in 2010.

Kinnear took part in the BBC ridiopese `Slipstream`, where he took on the role of Captain Jurgen Rahl, disgruntled German pilot, joined the mission to kidnap the alien spaceship, concealed by the Nazis. Rory also played in another project the BBC, the television series `Zadiry` (` Vexed`), along with Lucy Punch (Lucy Punch) and Toby Stevenson (Toby Stephens). The BBC4 film `The first people to Lune` (` The First Men in the Moon`), a scenario which had a hand Geytiss Mark (Mark Gatiss), the actor appeared in the role of Bedford.

In 2011, Kinnear was in charge of the narrator in the musical production function `Henry V - Syuita` (` Henry V - suite`), which was engaged in transcription Muir Mathieson (Muir Mathieson). In the same year the actor played the leading role, Prime Minister Michael Callow, in the miniseries `Black zerkalo` (` Black Mirror`).

In July of 2012 it was transformed into Rory Bolingbroke in BBC Two variations of the play `Richard II` (` Richard II`), where he played King Richard Ben Whishaw (Ben Whishaw), and John of Gaunt - Patrick Stewart (Patrick Stewart). In the summer of 2012 Kinnear was involved in the play `The last of Haussmanov` (The Last of the Haussmans). This play was broadcast around the world October 11, 2012 th National Theatre Live channel.

Kinnear and Adrian Lester (Adrian Lester) in the summer of 2013, were the main stars of `Otello` staged by the National Theatre. Both actors have received awards for `Evening Standard` played a role. According to tradition, the prize usually goes to only one actor, but this time the judges were unable to choose between Rory and Adrian.

Kinnear starred in the TV series BBC `Count Arthur Strong` as Michael Baker and the Channel 4 miniseries` Sautkliff` ( `Southcliffe`) as David Whitehead. In December 2013, he played in the criminal telefilm `Lord Lucan`, where he played Paul Freeman (Paul Freeman). In the series` Scary skazki` ( `Penny Dreadful`) Rory turned into a Frankenstein`s monster. The nominated biopic `` Oscar `Game imitatsiyu` ( `The Imitation Game`), Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch) as a mathematician and logician Alan Turing (Alan Turing), Kinnear played a detective Robert Nock.

In addition to filming in the new James Bond, `007: SPEKTR` Rory in 2015 involved in the miniseries Random vakansiya` (` The Casual Vacancy`). Among the recent feature films, which is indicated in the ensemble of the actor`s name, the number of dramediya Ben Palmer (Ben Palmer) `Be muzhchinoy` (` Man Up`) and criminal action `Forgive debtors nashim` (` Trespass Against Us`) and Michael Fassbender (Michael Fassbender ).

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