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Date of Birth: 09/25/1929

Age: 76

Place of Birth: Bedford

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Ronald Barker was born in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, the son of a clerk Leonard Barker and his wife Edith. Ronald had two sisters - older, Faith, and the youngest, Eileen. When he was four, his family moved to Cowley, Oxfordshire.

As a child Barker loved to dress up and change clothes; First he had seen the play was `Cottage to Let`; new passion overwhelmed him so that he even missed a class, only to see the statement `V` Henry Laurence Olivier. Often the boy was waiting at the exit of actors, begging for autographs; the first in his life gave him an autograph actress Celia Johnson.

At school Ronald had developed a love for humor; In addition, the boy became interested in music - in particular, he sang in the local church choir. By the sixth grade, he came to the conclusion that the more useful to the school can not do anything to him - and left his studies. For some time he had planned to become an architect; six months later, however, it became clear that for this to work it simply will not do. After some time, Ronald changed his sister Vera at the office bank clerk; he dreamed, however, of acting career.

For eighteen months the guy working in the bank combined with the game of amateur performances; That`s when he first came to this statement - `A Murder Has Been Arranged`. After a while he left his job in order to become a professional actor. This choice was quite difficult; in particular, the father is clearly not supported by Barker.

Being able to enter the theater company in Aylesbury, Barker began to take part in weekly productions. Gradually he realized that most of his comic role it attracts - it is always good to able to make people laugh.

After moving to Oxford, Ronald found a job in the local theater; where he worked for three years, until 1954, mainly as a clown. Following was a brief career in the West End - where Barker spoke quite sporadically in the period from 1955 to 1968-th.

Gradually tasted success on the stage, Barker decided to try his hand on the radio. Debut turned him aside as the new place in 1956; Ronald eventually managed to subdue and radio. Best known for his roles of that time were able to Seaman Johnson and Lieutenant-Commander Stanton from the show `The Navy Lark`.

Having succeeded on the radio, Ronald went to conquer the big and small screens. Since 1962, he has played a number of roles in the comedy series `The Seven Faces of Jim` with Jimmy Edwards and June Whitfield. Then there was a whole series of different shows - as in `Foreign Affairs` Barker portrayed the Russian ambassador Grisha Petrovich. In 1965, finally, the actor got something more serious - the role of Jerry Cruncher in `A Tale of Two gorodah` ( `A Tale of Two Cities`) . Before really a major breakthrough, however, it was still a year - only in 1966, Barker played in a series of satirical sketches `The Frost Report`. This show is quite scathingly ridiculed the current class system in the United Kingdom; in most sketches portrayed Ronald representative of the middle class.

In the wake of the success of the program Barker and several of his colleagues - in particular, Ronnie Corbett and Josephine Tyuson - managed to get a place on the BBC channel. Ihpervy joint project - show `The Two Ronnies` - turned out so successful that the management of the channel provided the talented comedian almost complete freedom of action. Another decade and a half, Ronald worked as part of the show quite successful; Gradually, however, he came to the conclusion that just reached. In 1988, Barker finally came to the conclusion, that is on top of the world, and further the quality of his work will only get worse; he decided to leave in time, will not stain its reputation was a failed project.

Ronald retired, worked on his antique shop and - very rarely, though - speaking on television.

Actor died of heart failure at a hospital in Adderberi, Oxfordshire. His lamented all British TV and radio channels; sad news was on the front pages of all major periodicals. Ronald was cremated during a private ceremony; attended her only family and close friends - with the exception of a son of Adam, who disagreed with the police regarding the overuse of child pornography.

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