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Date of Birth: 09/05/1934

Age: 82

Birthplace: Milwaukee

Citizenship: United States

Who developed sociological theory postmaterialism?

He works at the University of Michigan (University of Michigan); holds the post of director of the World Foundation sociological `World Values ??Survey`. In 70-ies of XX century created the theory of Ronald postmaterialism. Proceedings Inglehart had a huge impact on the work of many sociologists around the world; them published in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

One of the first really important his work - `Peaceful Revolution `(` The Silent Revolution `) 1977 - Inglehart considered practical examples how radically changed the value of new generations living in the advanced countries in the industrial plan. Later, in his book `The cultural shift in the mature industrial society` ( `Culture Shift in Advanced Industrial Society`) Inglehart develop this theory by publishing data from 26 countries, collected from 1970 to 1988-th. Ronald will analyze how the gradual replacement of old generations with new influences on the situation in developed countries; as he will be able to show that following this cultural change is strongly influenced by the political and economic situation as the affected regions and the world at large. Demonstrate is a political scientist on the research of religious preferences of citizens, their work motivation and political preferences and attitudes towards children, families, divorce, abortion, and sexual minorities.

In 1997, the book will see the light `Modernization and post-modernization `(` Modernization and Postmodernization `); it will continue to develop Ronald raised earlier threads. Once again, to get his attention to economic development and cultural paradigm shifts; Inglehart this time focus on the allocation of certain patterns on which these changes take place. The basic idea of ??the new book will be that industrialization leads to major changes in public life - such as the gradual disappearance of boundaries between the sexes; This, in turn, affects the economics and politics. Of course, such changes occur not at once - change begins with the arrival of a new generation. Developed Industrial Society, which arose under the influence of these changes, also changes people - has in its own way; again a generation later, these changes are captured every sphere of human life.

Next work of Ronald - co-written with Pippa Norris (Pippa Norris) `The Rising Tide: Gender Equality and Cultural Change Around the World` - more questions revealed gender relations in the new `` post-modern world. Norris and Inglehart demonstrated the impact of modernization on the interaction of the sexes; in the course of their research analysts reviewed nearly 70 nations, from the richest to the still developing. This work while developing the theory of Inglehart`s not deep, and the breadth, it is still recommended reading for those wishing to better understand his ideas.

Cooperation with Norris was surprisingly fruitful - a year later, in 2004, Ronald and Pippa released another book, `Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics Worldwide`. This time the detailed investigation have been questions about the religious beliefs of residents of different countries - and change these beliefs in recent years. Again, Inglehart and Norris analyzed a huge collection of material; they were able to show that the most powerful faith in respect to the inhabitants of the poor countries and the most vulnerable in social and financial terms of layers; At the same time, however, scientists have noticed that members of the middle and upper class are spending more and more time thinking about the meaning of life.

Postmodern theory of Inglehart and to this day is considered one of the most popular ideas of the world of Politics; works of the scientist is a huge success. Winky is actively pursuing research to this day - the last book was published by him in 2009.

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