Romulo Gallegos

Picture of Romulo Gallegos

Date of Birth: 08/02/1884

Age: 84

Birthplace: Caracas

Citizenship: Venezuela


GALLEGOS, Romulo (Gallegos, Romulo) (1884-1969), the Venezuelan writer. Born in Caracas on August 2, 1884. He began his career with teaching. In 1929 he became a senator in H.V.Gomesa board, but soon resigned and went into voluntary exile in Spain, where he lived until the dictator`s death in 1935. On his return he held the post of Minister of Education, and the first democratic elections in Venezuela ( February 1948) was the president of the country. However, his liberal policies did not suit the conservative circles, and in November of the same year in a bloodless coup d`etat, he was removed from his post. Gallegos went into exile in Mexico and returned home only after ten years. Later he headed the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Gallegos literary career began with short stories, which were published since 1909. In 1920 he published his first novel, Reinaldo Solyar (Reinaldo Solar); it was followed by the novels bindweed (La Trepadora, 1925), Dona Barbara (Doa Barbara, 1929), Kantaklaro (Cantaclaro, 1934), Canaima (Canaima, 1935), poor negro (Pobre negro, 1937), on the same ground (Sobre la misma tierra, 1943), the earth under your feet (la tierra bajo los pies, publ. 1971). The action of the novel of the famous writer, Dona Barbara, against the background of wild nature and the Venezuelan conflict is based on barbarism and civilization. Symbolic of non-life heroes of the novel, because it directly reflects the author`s ideas. In full artistic talent manifested itself in Gallegos Kantaklaro novel. The novel tells the story of epic journeys and adventures of the hero, a wandering singer.

Died Gallegos in Caracas, April 4, 1969.