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Date of birth: 06.08.1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Gary was born in Hong Kong, in the family of the journalist Janet Gary and senior bank official Gary Adrian. Her first name - the feminine form of the `Romul`, named after one of the founders of Rome. Gary`s father - a Jew of Hungarian origin; great-grandfather actress falls Gary Burt, founder of `Keystone Press`.

Gary - the third child of four. At five years old she moved with her family to Singapore and eight - in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. There she attended normal private school and at sixteen - moved to London - was admitted to the London School for Girls, which in the future, and graduated with honors. It was at the school Romola fascinated by the theater; it studied English literature at the school, she first tried to play, and this is where it saw the agent who offered to play a young version of the character Julia Dench in a television statement `Last of the Blonde-krasotok` (` The Last of the Blonde Bombshells`) .After school in Romola University of London; first she planned to devote all the powers exclusively studies, but then fascinated by the same actor`s craft on the side; Plus, for some time she managed to work the model.

The first of this role, Gary has been mentioned already telepostanovke `Last of the Blonde-krasotok`. Shortly thereafter, she landed a role in the BBC `Attachments` television series; Romola was then decided to terminate the study and concentrate solely on his career.

The first major film credits Gary was the film of 2002, Nicolas Niklbi` `(` Nicholas Nickleby`); in it the actress played the role of the second plan, Kate Nickleby. The film received many positive reviews, and the entire film crew - and apart from Romola - won the National Board of Review Panel, as `Best Acting ansambl`. Following was the picture of 2003 `I grabbed zamok` (` I Capture the Castle`); Here Gary played the role of a seventeen year old Cassandra Mortmeyn - and again got a whole lot of compliments from the critics, together with the nomination at the British Independent Film Awards in the category `Most Promising novichok`. In the 2004th have seen the light `Dirty Dancing 2` ( `Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights`) - the biggest fiasco of the actress to the current day; Reviewers almost unanimously declared that Romola is clearly capable of playing a much better. In the same year it was released slightly improve the situation `Fair tscheslaviya` (` Vanity Fair`).

In 2005, Gary was again nominated for a BIFA Award, this time - as a `Best Supporting Actress plana`. This nomination - and then the award of the London Film Critics Circle in the category of `Best British Actress plana` - she brought Siobhan role in the independent film project `Inside I`m Dancing`. In 2005, the Romola played a major role in the two-part TV show `The Incredible Journey of Mary Brayant` (` The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant`). Critics exalted is `old-fashioned priklyuchenie` to heaven; her game was, according to most of them, the main reason for the success of the film.

The largest role - to the present moment - Romola played in the 2007th; it invited to his painting `Angel` (` Angel`) Francois Ozon himself. For this role, Gary has been nominated for the Prix Lumiere, French equivalent of `Golden Globusa`; it should be noted that it was the first Englishwoman, awarded this honor. Subsequent work up to 2009, have not been able to beat the French film. However, at the moment Romola career is at its peak; it is considered one of the most promising actresses in the UK and, no doubt, will please us more whole series of successful works.

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