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Date of Birth: 09/05/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Buenos Aires

Citizenship: Argentina


Romina was born on September 5, 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

She comes from a creative family, my life is strongly linked to the entertainment industry. Her mother - Chris Morena (Cris Morena) - a successful producer, director, screenwriter and actress, former fashion model, who worked on the most famous projects of the Argentine television, winner of numerous prestigious awards. Father Gustavo Yankelevich (Gustavo Yankelevich), television producer, as well as the husband of Romina, Dario Giordano (Dar & # 237; o Giordano) - it is a technical producer. Dario and Romina were married November 27, 1998, they had three children. Romina`s younger brother, Tomas Yankelevich (Tom & # 225; s Yankelevich), chose a career of director, producer and screenwriter and, in turn, is married to a famous young actress Sophia River (Sof & # 237; a Reca).

Romina Yan`s first appearance on Argentine television took place in 1991, when sixteen dancer vystupilav variety show `Jugate Conmigo` (` Come play with mnoy`), oriented at a teenage audience. A few years later, in 1994, she made her debut as an actress with a small role in the comedy series `Mi Cu & # 241; ado` (` My zyat`), then played in the romantic melodrama `Quereme` (` Love menya`), the main a role in which she performed her mother, Chris Morena. Towards the end of 1994 Morena contract with a major Argentine broadcaster `Telefe` the creation of children`s soap opera` Chiquititas` ( `Detvora`), the story of a few orphaned teenagers who live in a children`s home. Romina Belen played Fraga (Belen Fraga), the orphanage director. Among the young stars who have worked side by side with Romina, appeared Facundo Arana (Facundo Arana), Agustin Cherry (Agustina Cherri), Maria Jimena Piccolo (Maria Jimena Piccolo), Gabriel Corrado (Gabriel Corrado), Andrea Del Boca (Andrea Del Boca) and Fernan Miras (Fernan Miras), who played the love interest of the heroine Yang, gained international fame.

In 1998, the actress, who was preparing to get married, took a two-year break to return in 2000 with the role of Jessica (Jessica) in the mystical thriller `Tiempo Final` (` Last mgnovenie`). In 2001, Romina had a major role in the melodrama `Provocame` (` Love treugolnik`) and went to the Argentine Andes (Argentine Andes), to play his first starring role in the film `Chiquititas: Rinc & # 243; n de Luz` ( `The kids: sveta` Corner), is based on the series. In the film, her partner was famous at that time Facundo Arana. In 2002, Yan signed a contract with the TV channel Disney Channel and became the leading children`s show `Playhouse Disney`, produced by the company of her father` RGB`. In 2003, Romina returned to the acting profession, playing in the soap opera `Abre tus Ojos` (Open your eyes). It was her first role in the television series `vzroslom`. Then again Romina vzyalaotpusk for a year before returning in 2005 on the screens in the romantic comedy `My lyubov` (Amor Mio). In 2007, the actress started filming the title role in the sitcom `Bella & Bestia` (` Beauty and the chudovische`), one of the last production work of her mother.

To the dismay and grief of the family and many fans, 36-year-old Romina Yan died September 28, 2010 of a heart attack. She felt bad after school gymnastics, and a friend took her to the hospital, but after 50 minutes the doctors, all the while trying to get back to the life of the actress announced her dead. Her death was a shock for Argentina. For two hours the page in Facebook `I can not believe that Romina Yan umerla` recorded more than 150 thousand visitors. The Argentine Twitter actress`s death was also the theme of the day. As a sign of mourning `Telefe` channel canceled the evening shows and featured special editions to commemorate Romina. His example was followed by other channels.

Author: Elena Murzina

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