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Multiple champion WBC Muay Thai

The first martial art to become Romy Adanzy boxing ; later, however, Adanza concluded that muay-tai impressed him more. Success in the chosen field Romi has made considerable - he even managed a few times to become WBC champion and IKKC.

Adanza Born in Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas). Part of his youth passed in China (China) and the Philippines (Philippines); later, however, he settled in California (California). At 21, Romy became interested in boxing ;five years Adanza switched to Muay Thai.

Adanza rather quickly managed to prove itself a highly dangerous and skilful fighter - in one of his first fights he slew of Kevin Ross (Kevin Ross), at that time still little known, but extremely promising.

24 September 2005-of Romy won over Kim Morris (Kim Morris); shortly thereafter, Romy became WBC champion for the Muay Thai featherweight title. After a while Adanza changed the weight class, going to the super bantamweight.

The new weight category Romy quickly mastered ;after a while he was able to take just two titles - the title of international champion of Muay Thai in the bantamweight version IKKC and the title of US champion in Muay Thai by the WBC. Both titles Romy received a single victory - over Paulo da Silva (Paulo da Silva). It has been a fateful bout July 25, 2009 th ;throughout the fight Adanza actively attacked da Silva powerful kicks. At the end of the third round Romy very good kick to send the opponent to the canvas ; in the fourth round da Silva lasted only 26 seconds.

For the sake of the next championship title international Adanza went to battle with Kunitakoy Fujiwara (Kunitaka Fujiwara);they fought December 5, 2009 - th in Primm, Nevada (Primm, Nevada). Throughout the battle the enemy is actively attacked Adanzu elbows ; in the fourth round, the referee had to stop the fight.

In April of 2010, Romi went to battle with Andy Howson (Andy Howson); The jury awarded him the victory on points (an ambiguous and cause a great deal of controversy resolution) . October 2, 2010 - th Romy had to once again defend IKKC title. This time the opponent was to be Adanzy Haygang Huang (Haigang Huang); later, however, it was replaced by the familiar Adanze da Silva. The battle ended the next Romy victory.

May 28, 2011 th Adanzu again tried lishitchempionskogo title IKKC;this time to fight with Romy went Thanh Vattanayya (Thanit Watthanaya). During the first two rounds of fighting the enemy, more or less on an equal footing ; in the third round Romy managed to send the opponent in the knockout.

June 26, 2011 th Adanza left still to fight with Huang Haygangom - and won a landslide victory ,thereby winning the WBC international champion in Muay Thai featherweight title. Alas, in a battle with Huang Romy I got quite nasty hip injury that forced him to withdraw from the fight with Damien Traynor (Damien Trainor). Romy returned to the ring on 24 September by defeating Wentz Shuichi (Shuichi Wentz).

18 February 2012-of Adanza defeated Tomonori Sato (Tomonori Sato); sending the enemy in a technical knockout, he won the title of champion WBC flyweight champion in the second. Shortly thereafter, Romy Sato had to give the opportunity to ` otygratsya` - though without the ability to receive for winning a lost title ; Sato instead of the ring, however,Vattanayya came - who was able (though barely) beat Romy.

Shortly thereafter Adanza signed a contract with the project `K-1`; his very first fight in a new project - with Shuichi Wentz - Romi lost already at the 23 th second. Without continued and held on May 16 2013, fight with Dzhomodom Eminent-Eyre (Jomhod Eminent Air) - Adanza not able to play his next championship WBC title, knocked out in the first round.

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