Roman Polyansky

Picture of Roman Polyansky

Date of Birth: 09/11/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Omsk

Citizenship: Russia



Roman Polanski was born and raised in Omsk. In 2000, a young man entered the Omsk Music College named Shebalin clarinet and saxophone. As a student, he began attending home amateur theater at the College of Music. There`s something novel and has caught "the virus scene."

In 2004, Roman Polanski graduated from music school and went to Moscow to enroll in one of the theater schools. I tried it all, though his ultimate dream was studying at the Theatre Institute named after B. Shchukin. By coincidence or fate Providence Roman successfully passed it back and still in the Moscow Art Theatre School. But the second option was dropped immediately ...


Learn Roman Polyansky happened on the course VVIvanov. The young man immediately showed nedyuzhennye acting ability, and in 2006 has conducted master classes at the Youth Theatre "Apple" in Estonia. In 2008, Polanski was awarded "For the best actor`s battle" at the first festival in stage fencing "Silver Sword". The award was handed over to him, Dmitry Singers.

During the years of study Roman Polanski played a role in the graduation performances: "Dance and sing," "Macbeth," "White Acacia". The last of these, which played the role of Roman Morgunov, was placed on the stage of the Theatre. Vakhtangov.

In 2008, after graduation, Roman Polanski came to him now familiar Theatre. Vakhtangov. Over a relatively short period of time to a young actor to play many roles. His heroes are: Taras, each Golokhvastov in the comedy "Chasing Two Hares" Troilus in the play "Troilus and Cressida", guard in the tale "Ali Baba", Dyuzhi in the play "Frederick of the Crime Boulevard", Louis play "True legend of the quarter," guard in the musical "Mademoiselle Nitouche", the waiter in the play "women`s Coast".

In 2009, Roman Viktyuk invited Roman Polanski in a theater for the role of Mercutio in the play "Romeo and Juliet". The premiere took place in Moscow 15iyunya 2009. Later, in November 2009, there was another premiere with Roman Polanski - the play