Roman Bolotov

Picture of Roman Bolotov

Citizenship: Russia

The defense of the shore of the river Vuoksi

On 22 June 1941 the first Roman Aleksandrovich Bolotov was the head of the 1st Guard. June 26, he traveled by car to the side Keksholm (Priozersk), then to Lahdenpohja and stopped 90 km from Sortavala, which turned to the border. He miraculously managed to avoid falling into `meshok` formed between Kexholm and Sortavala, because the machine had to take him back to Priozersk.

As a representative of a specialized military unit, Bolotov summer of 1941, together with his company he kept the defense on the shore of the river Vuoksi, then was ordered to mine the area. July 12, during the placement of mines PMD-6, Roman came under bombing, which killed many of his comrades.

In a particularly difficult time when famine was raging, Roman had to make up for the lack of protein in the body by eating bread made from sawdust. Of course, it could not help but reflect on the state of his health - he earned giporatsitny chronic gastritis. At that time, a preferred food was Durand - fodder for cattle, hemp, bagasse, but it was not easy to get. Sometimes all day Bolotovu fall to only one biscuit. According to him, it managed to survive only thanks to his youth, the sense of self-preservation and energii.manu accumulated previously had to break off talks fighters, who began to argue that in the rear of the Germans live sweeter. Sometimes, it is two hours to persuade them, stating that all the news about the sweet life in the countryside - it is a lie fascists. And when from the Special Department began to ask his lieutenant whether there is discontent among the soldiers, Bolotov decided not to aggravate the situation - and no one gave.

From Alakusy Roman reached the Russian Lembolovo, and then the machine was delivered to Leningrad Udelninskaya park. From there, in the beginning of August it together with a company directed to the town of Pushkin, where he was provided with drinking water and advanced voinskiechasti assisted Russian-Wysocki and Red Sela.

14 September 1941 he was again in Udelninskaya park and later got to Kolpino, and spent a lot of effort to ensure that for the hospital to dig MetallStroy 9 m useless empty well. During the fall and winter of 1941, he took part in the work, has divided Ligovsky channel into two streams, sometimes engaged in bomb shelters equipment. Prior period snowfall novel garnered supplies for the company - cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables.

His company is constantly rushing to Klyuchnikova then to Zhukov, and then to Sizov. Later department Bolotov was sent in Vsevolozhsk.