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"Rollins Band" formed in 1987, less than a year after the collapse of the legendary "Black Flag" command. At first, Henry Rollins thought aboutto do to get away from the music, but in the end decided against it and went to England, where he teamed up with his old friend Chris Haskett.

By the end of the winter 1986-of the asset at the new group had the plate "Hot Animal Machine" (type solo Rollins) and "Drive by Shootings" (under the guise of "Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters" with Haskett guitar. The rhythm section consisted of Mick Green, who played with Chris Haskett team "Surfin` Dave and the Absent Legends",drums and Bernie Wandel of "Nuclear Crayons and Guilt Combo" on bass. But they have long lingered in the team and soon in their place appeared Sim Cain and Andrew Weiss (both ex "Gone"), respectively.

In the spring of 1987, after several weeks of rehearsals, the band embarked on their first tour of the United States and Europe. The team headed for hardcore a la "Black Sabbath" with elements of funk. The first full length album, "Life time", was recorded in late 1987 with producer Ian McKay of "Fugazi". Quite quickly followed by several more releases : "Do It", "Hard Volume", and "Turned On".

Rollins bandV 1990m Rollins with Weiss also released the disc "Fast Food for Thought" under the guise of "Wartime". By 1991, the reputation of "Rollins band" was so great that it will give them a place at the first festival "Lollapalooza", which were a command such as "Nine Inch Nails", "Living Colour", "Siouxsie & the Banshees" and "Jane `s Addiction".Less than a year after the festival was followed by their debut on the label "Imago" - album "End of Silence". Though he did not become a hit, but the sales were going well. With the release of the disc "Weight" golden time has come "Rollins Band" in 1994. Together with the recording of the album took place as part of a regular substitution : Andrew Weiss left the band due to creative differences. He was replaced by Melvin Gibbs, jazz - funk bassist, one pretty talented.

Gibbs initially rejected the offer to join : the band`s music was radically different from that which he has played before. Fortunately, his views have changed and the team got in his face a solid replenishment. Also, his presence influenced the style of the game Kane and Haskettta. The first single from the album, "Liar", constantly spinning on "MTV". The album sold well, and this has allowed the group to make a video on the next hit from the album, "Disconnect". lins band "Come In and Burn" was released in March 1997 on a new label - "Dreamworks". Henry Rollins said that he he likes to be on the "Dreamworks",because they allow the group a lot of freedom in the studio. Reviews of the record was not good. Music magazine wrote that grunge is dead, and with him died Rollins. But fans did not agree with this. The new album is sounding great and despite the spiteful critics reviews, militants said the concert Arsenal team : "Starve","On My Way to the Cage", and "During a City". Nevertheless, the case smelled creative stagnation and Henry decided to disband the team. Haskett later played with David Bowie, as well as doing solo work. The rest have moved to session musicians.

New Group LP was released in February 2000, "Get Some Gone Again",recorded a new composition "Rollins band". After parting with all his colleagues, Henry Rollins " attached " to his Los Angeles-based team "Mother Superior". In September 2001, a new album, "Nice", and in October Rollins with his new lineup went on a European tour.

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Rollins Band picture
Rollins Band photo
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