Roger Ward Babson

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Date of Birth: 07/06/1875

Age: 91

Place of birth: Gloucester

Citizenship: United States

A talented analyst and consultant

Roger W. Babson (Roger Ward Babson) was born in 1875 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Gloucester, Massachusetts), in the family Neteniela Babson (Nathaniel Babson) and his wife Ellen Stearns (Ellen Stearns); He was the tenth representative Babson clan who lived in Gloucester. From early childhood, Roger found a remarkable thirst for entrepreneurship - he was willing to do any work and any orders, even for the most minor fees, but the work of your future financier has always wanted to see, and certainly paid. At the insistence of his father, he wants to see his son, an engineer, Roger graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). However, after he got a job in a bank, where he began a clerk, and later was promoted to work with bonds. He remained in the structure until 1904, until he opened his own firm - `Babson`s Statistical Organization`. By the way, in many ways contributed to the opening of their own businesses Babson disease, tuberculosis, which required treatment, but because the young financier it easier to work from home. Roger was by then already a married man - in 1900 he married Grace Margaret Knight (Grace Margaret Knight), and their daughter, Edith, was born in 1903 (Edith).

Roger Babson was an excellent analyst and consultant; During his life he wrote many papers on various subjects - he was interested in business, education, health, industry, politics, religion, social conditions, and travel; however, his focus was always on the reform or in search of how to improve a particular area of ??life.

In the late 1920s, many important persons in the financial world began to worry about the fate of the stock market and the industrial boom. Roger Babson, the time has achieved real success in politics, church activities, education and science, and, most importantly, a highly respected former investment advisor, also tried to predict and analyze the current financial situation. To determine at what stage of the business cycle it is at the moment the market onrisknul make a very curious statement. His speech, delivered in 1929, it is known today, as it was the first Babson, who predicted the impending collapse of the stock market. He called on people to sell stocks and buy gold. In her, became a well-known speech at the annual national business conference Babson said, `I continue to repeat what I said at that time in the past two years; namely, that sooner or later collapse, which affected the leading shares ... `. So, it was then the most `gromkim` and became the most famous predictor` dnya` judgment and justice in his forecasts very soon, unfortunately, seen everything.

By the way, a method which was used by Roger in his analysis of the system, it was widely considered eccentric, and some - and at all stupid. Indeed, in its practice, it applied to the economy of the laws of physics, such as Newton`s law of action and reaction. `Our forecast of future events, - he wrote - is based on the assumption that the law of action and reaction applies to the economic, and human relations in the same way as it applies to mehanike`. Subsequently, many of its methods have been widely used in financial projections. Thus, the division of the business cycle into four distinct periods - the improvement, prosperity, recession, depression - known modern analysts, however, in the 20-ies of the last century, this method was not accepted yet.

But with the release of the crisis Babson several miscalculated, believing that the country will regain the necessary business activity to the end of 1930. In fact, the picture was more sad.

In 1940, Roger Babson was running in the presidential election, but lost to FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

In 1948 he became a founder of the Gravity Research Foundation.

The best-known books are Babson `Business Barometers` and` Business Barometers for Profits, Security, Income`.

Roger became a widower in 1956, and married a second time on Nona M. Doherty (Nona M. Dougherty), who died in 1963.

Roger Babson died March 5, 1967.

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