Roger Hanin

Picture of Roger Hanin

Date of Birth: 10/23/1925

Age: 89

Place of Birth: Algeria

Citizenship: France

French Commissioner Navarro

Author: Light Konfetkina

Website: Celebrities

This popular French actor, director and writer best known in Russia under the name Commissioner Navarro from the eponymous TV series, which has long been on the screens. He is now 77 years old, and he, in his own words, published in the pages of the popular magazine "Paris Match", with difficulty selected from major depression. The fact that in October last year died his wife Christine Goose Renal, known in the past, a film producer. It was she who introduced Roger, an obscure native of Algeria, the world of "great movie". And it is not just a movie. Thanks to its kinship with Kristin, "Commissioner Navarro" was the brother-French President Francois Mitterrand.

"I often think of Mitterrand, - says Roger Hanin --Eto was an outstanding person with whom I was fortunate enough to meet frequently As it was not enough during the recent Iraq crisis, I am shocked that no political leader has seen fit to fly to Baghdad... to look straight into the eyes of Saddam Hussein. "

Although the actor and said that all his life in the past, it is clearly disingenuous. "I`m not in a hurry to leave the life, - he says -. I know that is good for people I have many friends of different plans, including I would like to open a free school for actors.". As for the creative plans, it intends to continue to act in the series about the Commissioner Navarro, playing in the theater. Now Brussels is finalizing a new tape. This time, "Commissioner Navarro" acts as oncologist.