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Hairdresser American stars.

Roger Azadganyan known primarily as a skilled hairdresser. This, however,a list of his talent is not exhaustive; man managed to establish itself also a talented businessman and even a good children`s writer.

At the moment, behind Roger Azadganyana more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. During this time he has worked with Scott Cole (Scott Cole) from `Vidal Sassoon`;Mentoring is so prominent was very professional and very helpful for him. Azadganyan Later, when he was an independent hairdresser, worked on the hair models show such prominent designers and brands, like `Michael Kors`,` Donna Karan`, `Kate Spade`,` Escada`, `YSL`,` Chanel`. Working with such renowned customers, however ,also became for Azadganyana main vocation ; already in 2003 and it hairdresser took the next step by opening his own salon `Seven`. Following its establishment, considerably exceeds the size of the first appeared in the 2005th in Bellevue, Washington (Bellevue, Washington); Soon after, in the 2008th ,original salon moved to Seattle (Seattle) - also on the way undergone a certain expansion. Develop a network of Roger and his success in professional activities, meanwhile, are of some interest for journalists from around the world ; We wrote about him `InStyle`,` Lucky` and `Allure`.Beauty network `Seven` rather quickly took on considerable popularity both locally and at the national level. I contributed to this a number of interesting moves for conventional hairdressing networks usually do not apply. So,Roger got impressive for the richness and quality of the collection of oriental art and found a few DJs have provided ` zhivuyu` - and I must say, very energetic - music. In addition, it could boast hairdresser ` vstroennymi` coffee shops ,Allows client received during the service even more fun than usual. All this is indeed provided impressive reputation enterprise as a whole - about Roger spoke as a very talented businessman and a barber, and his network of establishments began to attend a very, very important customers. knownAzadganyana that operates a number of experts in hairdressing ; Roger employees demonstrated impressive professionalism and boast a truly rich track records. That`s why Roger institutions turned their attention to celebrities such as Linda Evangelista (Linda Evangelista) and Donna Karan (Donna Karan),Melinda Gates (Melinda Gates) and Kate Spade (Kate Spade), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney). Some stellar customer Azadganyan served personally, others - consigns the care of their experts ; complaints is that there was not any recorded from one or other. Roger Azadganyan famous not only for its entrepreneurial talents, but also very non-trivial approach to proper haircut ; it provides each customer a unique hair, and in the development of hair styles it is guided by such factors as skin tone, eye color and even the shape of the bones. Traditional ,Roger fashionable solutions often angrily rejected - especially when it ` `s bone analiz` requires different approaches. When the network hairdressing Azadganyana now running his own training center ;in the center of this stylists given the opportunity to further develop their own skills and to test in practice a number of fundamentally new techniques. Such a global approach to the development of hairstyles and training pays off in full ; list celebrity clients Roger Azadganyana replenished with respect calling rate.One only barber Exercise Roger Azadganyan is not limited ; a list of projects it is impressive for its size. In the 2006th, for example, Roger launched his own line of 19 organic means of hair care products ; These funds were issued under the name `SEVEN`.Some time line that was available only in its own hairdressing salons Roger, but later he decided to start a collection and sales nationwide.

It is known that Roger also had to try himself as a children`s writer and screenwriter ; Now he is working on the development of complex software systems `Beetleware`. It is expected that this system will be used for inventory in its stores - while working exclusively on the wireless level. Quite often in print media - both local and national levels - as well as on television and radio shows Roger Azadganyana used as an invited expert or a stylist. One radio show Roger even lead himself ; however, his project `Afternoon Delight` out exclusively on the radio at the local level.

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