Roche Brasiliano

Picture of Roche Brasiliano

Place of birth: Groningen

Nationality: Netherlands


According to historians, he was born in the Dutch city of Groningen, where the family of his father, a merchant, moved to Brazil, where Rock lived up to 1641, when the country was occupied Portuguese (Roche Brasiliano - the Portuguese.). After that, it appears in the West Indies and, on occasion, finds refuge in Tortuga.

Rock Brazilian perfectly mastered the craft filibuster - he combined the courage and skill of the helmsman warrior, owned equally well with all kinds of weapons, including an Indian bow. Like most other pirates, he was unbridled and fierce; It says that more than once in a drunken rage, he walked down the street, Zaruba each encountered him his saber, which he always wore a nude. In the book "Pirates of America" ??A.O.Ekskvemelin described the Brazilians Rock:

"Now, at the very time to tell a few stories about pirates, who even still lives in Jamaica and fulfill all the cases are not less than those robbers, of which we have already mentioned. Although he was born in Groningen, but for a long time lived in Brazil. When Brazil was again the Portuguese, some families left their homes and moved those in the Netherlands, who is on the French or the British Isles and even to Virginia. He went to Jamaica and not knowing what to do and how to make a living, moved to the pirates. Soon he became known by the nickname Rock Brazilian. he started Rock as an ordinary pirate. he managed to win the respect and gather around him people who rebelled against his captain, captured his ship and declared the captain of Rock. a little later they produced themselves ship, which with a large sum the money was coming from New Spain. capturing it, the pirates went to Jamaica. This success has created a Roku among pirates great fame and he greatly lifted. Before it began to tremble all of Jamaica. He was rude, uncouth and behaved like a mad fury. When he was drunk, it was running like a madman through the city and many cripple people who happened to get his hands on. Nobody dared him to contradict anything, only his eyes said that he was a bad man. And the Spaniards Rock became known as the most evil tyrant and a tyrant. Once he put a few people on a wooden stake, and the remaining bound and tossed between two fires. So he burned them alive as pigs. A fault of these people was only that they were trying to prevent his black case and save your pigsty, which he intended to plunder.

Somehow Rock went to seek his fortune on the coast of Campeche. Along the way, a violent storm, the ship arrived to the land, and the whole team had to leave the ship and ashore, and people brought with them only a small supply of guns and gunpowder and bullets. The place to which they landed is between Campeche and Triste. Pirates have gone in the direction of Trieste, where usually ships were repaired robber. Day three or four, tormented by hunger, thirst and hardships of an arduous journey, the pirates so weary that they could no longer go on. Then, as luck would have it, they met a hundred Spanish horsemen. Captain Rock encouraged comrades. He said that to give up in any case it is impossible, it is better to die than to be captured by the Spaniards. Pirates did not over thirty, they were all armed to the teeth. Seeing that their captain is full of courage, they decided that it was better to die all together in battle, but in captivity do not give up. Meanwhile, the Spaniards quickly approaching. Pirates let a close them to shoot for sure, and a volley was very successful. The battle lasted half an hour, and the Spaniards fled. Pirates seized several riding horses, finished off the wounded Spaniards and moved on; they lost two people but two Spaniards wounded. Horse riding, they reached the shore and take in the sea near the Spanish barge to the wood. Pirates sent six men to capture the first canoe, barge is towed. Early in the morning, these people took a canoe, and then the pirates managed to seize Barca. Proviant they were very few, so they killed all the horses and horse meat salted by finding on the barge salt reserves. They are expected to eat horsemeat, as long until they find something better.

Some time passed, and the pirates managed to seize the ship, which came from New Spain to Maracaibo for cocoa. He was laden with flour and was carrying a lot of money. With this, the load of rock and returned back to Jamaica where rioted with his team, until they ran out of all the money. This pirate belonged to that class of people whose money never lie idle - such people are drinking and debauchery as long as did not come down to the last penny. Some of them manage to dissipate night two or three thousand reais, so that in the morning they have no even the shirt on the body. I knew in Jamaica, one person who paid the girl only five hundred reais for having to look at her naked. Ithaca people make a lot of all sorts of nonsense. My former lord often bought a keg of wine, rolls out it on the street, knocked the bung and sat down beside him. All marching past had to drink with him - try not to drink if you are treated to a rifle barrel, and with a gun never left my master. Sometimes he bought a barrel of oil, pulled it out and threw the oil directly to the passers-by on the clothing or in the head.

To each other pirates treated carefully. Who does not have anything, can count on the support of friends. The pirates had credit among innkeepers. But in Jamaica, creditors can not be trusted: because of the debts they can easily sell you, and I did that more than once witnessed. In the end, even that sold pirate who so generously paid off with the girl. First, he had three thousand reais, and in less than three months, as it is the most sold for debts, and not just the one in whose house he squandered most of their money. But now we are again, back to our story.

Over a relatively short period of Rock I squandered all his money and was forced along with his comrades to go back into the sea. This time he got to the coast of Campeche (they were pirates favorite places). He got there in less than fourteen days and sat in a canoe to get to the raid Campeche hoping to meet some ship. But then he was unlucky - he himself, along with canoeing and team captured the Spaniards. He was immediately taken to the governor, who ordered to put him in a dark cell on bread and water. The governor would willingly hang him without the slightest delay, but did not dare, for fear, as if the pirate is unusually cunning, did not throw any piece. A Rock made it so that the governor delivered the letter; he wrote it himself, but it was done in such a way to convince the governor, if it is written fellow prisoner. Governor threatened and warned him that if he would cause the slightest evil famed Rock, the pirates do not give no quarter to any Spaniard. After receiving this letter, the governor probably realized that tightened around his neck loop: in fact the robber was really known. It was the most famous pirate of Jamaica, to the same times he raided Campeche. Therefore, the governor decided to send him with the first galleons to Spain, taking with him an oath that he would never rob. In parting, the governor threatened that if he will fall again, he was immediately hanged. Pirate spent a short time in Spain. All the time he sought opportunity to go back to Jamaica. Even on the way to Spain he got from the fishermen and fifty reais, bought clothes and other necessary things and went back to Jamaica. Once there, he became famous for even more violent robberies and Spaniards caused a lot of trouble - it was so, he was able to.

Over time, the Spaniards were convinced that the sea from pirates there is no escape, and began to swim much less. But that does not help them. Encountering no ships, the pirates began to gather companies and pillage coastal cities and settlements. The first such pirate, occupied the land robbery, was Lewis Scot. He attacked Campeche, plundered it and burnt to ashes. After he took up such raids Mansfeld, who moved to New Granada (now Colombia - S.Starostin), hoping to walk down to the South Sea. But the food was not enough, and he was forced to return. Then he captured Santa Catalina Island and took some prisoners, who conducted him to the city Karttago, was under the authority of New Granada ".

It is known that the Brazilian Rock bought the L `Ohlone dvenadtsatipushechnuyu Spanish brigantine, and was also involved in campaigns to Morgan Pontobello and Panama. In all its operations, he showed cruelty to the Spaniards, at least some of them were burned to death in retaliation for refusing to open the location of the treasure.

This was not just autos, and his own fate, when, during the attack on the coast of Campeche Rock was captured by the Spaniards. The Inquisition tortured him, and he gave the location of the treasure, a buried them on the island of Ile de Pines near the coast of Cuba. Greedy to treasure the Spaniards instead of to hang Rock, sent to Europe aboard the galleon, where he, according to the historian, "is gaining universal love". Rock Brazilian struck his companions on a sea voyage skill to beat the flying fish from the bow; they buy his latest production, so that over time the way he manages to save five hundred reais, which he paid for the return journey in filibustering the sea, where "a long time was still to make his exploits." He disappeared suddenly, in the height of his "glory" and the fate of his - another blank spot in history. he most likely shared the fate of many pirates of the time, and his remains are buried somewhere on the bottom of the sea ...