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Place of birth: Southport

Citizenship: United Kingdom

brilliant teamwork role Timothy Lee

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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In the movie, Robin began to emerge in the late 1960s, playing small roles in films such as `If ...` ( `If ...`), `Otli` (` Otley`), as well as in the British television series ` Street koronatsii` ( `Coronation Street`) and` BBC Play of the Month` and several others.

They talked about the young actor in 1974, after starring in the comedy `Confessions cleaning okon` (` Confessions of a Window Cleaner`), where he brilliantly played by Timothy Lee (Timothy Lea), 18-year-old boy who was not born to work without adventure.

By the way, for this role then claimed actors like Richard Beckinsale (Richard Beckinsale), Richard O`Sallivan (Richard O`Sullivan) and Dennis Waterman (Dennis Waterman), but the management of the painting without a shadow of a doubt chosen after listening Eskvita.

The success of `` Confessions ... has led to proposals roles in comedies that followed - `Confessions pop ispolnitelya` ( `Confessions of a Pop Performer`) 1975,` Confessions instructor avtovozhdeniyu` ( `Confessions of a Driving Instructor`) 1976 and `Confessions of a vacation in the summer lagere` (` Confessions from a holiday Camp`) 1977.

Also in 1977, on a wave of success, Robin released his first and only single, of course, entitled `Confessions` (` Ispoved`). His hero, Timmy Lee, was extremely popular, and the audience went to the shaft funny comedy about a hapless employee.

Despite the fact that the plan was to shoot `Confessions ...` and farther, and were discussed already in full shooting `Confessions santehnika` (` Confessions of a Plumber`s Mate`) and `Confessions ryadovogo` (` Confessions of a Private Soldier`) these films have never been removed.

In addition to working in front of the camera, Robin played a lot on stage, among his most famous farces - `Run For Your Wife`,` The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui` and `The Childcatcher`.

Among the last stage of work Eskvita - Abanazar in Alladine` `(` Aladdin`) at the Theatre Royal Lincoln (Theatre Royal, Lincoln).

Undoubtedly the most successful stage in the creative life of the actor began his `Confessions ...`, this theme he chose for his autobiography, calling her `The Confessions of Robin Askwith` (` Confessions Robin Eskvita`); She went to the publishing house `Ebury Press` in 1999. In it the actor spoke about his early life and acting career and successes, as well as the relationship with Linda Hayden (Linda Hayden), with whom he lived in the 1970s.

Among recent paintings featuring Robin - Western musical Eldorado` `(` Eldorado`) 2011.

All in all, the actor has played in about fifty television and movies.

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