Robert Wisdom

Picture of Robert Wisdom

Nationality: Jamaica


Born in Jamaica and raised in Washington (DC, USA), he studied at Columbia University. His career began at the New - York radio in 1972, in 1979 he was a producer on the national radio. Robert Wisdom is known as the director and curator of many cultural, music and avant-garde projects. In 1987 he headed the Department of Performing Arts at the London Institute of Contemporary Arts. In 1990 in London Wisdom first appeared on stage as an actor. In 1993, he moved to Los Angeles - and the following year he made his debut in the movie ( `Clean Slate`, 1994). Since then he has starred in several television projects and films - `Without litsa` (1997),` Vulkan` (1997) - as well as playing in a variety of theatrical productions in the US and Europe. In addition, Wisdom has been dancing, yoga and capoeira, traveling, enjoys playing various musical instruments.