Robert Wagner

Picture of Robert Wagner

Date of Birth: 11/28/1971

Age: 44

Place of birth: Parramatta

Citizenship: Australia

`Worst of serial killers Avstralii`

Robert Joe Wagner (Robert Joe Wagner) was born on th November 28, 1971 th, in Parramatta, New South Wales (Parramatta, New South Wales).

He killed those people whose ringleader John Justin Bunting (John Justin Bunting), considered pedophiles. However, the killer of Snoutauna also dealt with those who had them simply unpleasant, including full-bodied people, drug addicts and gays. Some victims of death went through hell, tortured with knives, pliers, and other stun.

Wagner along with other maniacs fried and ate the flesh of their last victim, David Johnson (David Johnson). When emubyl sentenced, he stood up and said: `Pedophiles do horrible things to children. The authorities did nothing. I decided to take care of it. Spasibo`.

Body of eight victims were found in plastic barrels in a disused bank vault in Snoutaune, north of Adelaide (Adelaide). Other bodies were found in a suburban house and in other areas.

27 September 2002, Robert Wagner pleaded guilty to three murders - Barry Lane (Barry Lane), Fred Brooks (Fred Brooks) and David Johnson. He said he was not involved in the other seven murders. However, his guilt has been proven in all 10 cases.