Robert Vipper

Picture of Robert Vipper

Date of Birth: 07/14/1859

Age: 95

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Whipper, ROBERT YURIEVICH (1859-1954) Russian historian. Born in Moscow 2 (14), 1859. Teachers were V.I.Gere Wigner, Kliuchevsky. In pre-revolutionary period focused mainly on the methodology of historical knowledge of the positivist type, developed the idea of ??the synthesis of historical and sociological research methods. Such installations are reflected in his works of public teachings and historical theory of XVIII-XIX centuries. in connection with the social movements in the West (1897), the Company, state, culture of the XVI century. the West (1897) etal. Problems of methodology and philosophy of history, most of the work is devoted to the early 20th century Vipper .: New trends in philosophy of social science (1903), Essays on the theory of historical knowledge (1911), notes the historian of modern religious quest (1916), the crisis of historical science (1921), Circulation history (1923), Death of European culture, and others. during this period, the scientist takes seriously the philosophy of empirio-criticism, trying to use its principles in the field of historical science.

Whipper died in Moscow December 30, 1954.