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Date of Birth: 05/26/1908

Age: 84

Place of birth: Semli

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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American film critic Leonard Maltin (Leonard Maltin) wrote in `kinematografa` Encyclopedia (Movie Encyclopedia), that Morley - one of the most recognizable British actors, the actor will learn from his awkward heaviness, thick eyebrows, thick lips and a double chin that are most advantageous to look if his character - snobby talker. The American writer, journalist and filmmaker Israeli origin Ephraim Katz (Ephraim Katz), much more polite, Morley describes in his` International Encyclopedia kino` (International Film Encyclopaedia) as `the round with a triple chin, a delightful character of British and American theater and kino` .

Robert Adolph Wilton Morley (Robert Adolph Wilton Morley) was born May 26, 1908 in Semli, Wiltshire, England (Semley, Wiltshire, England). He attended an independent school for boys College Elizabeth (Elizabeth College) in Guernsey (Guernsey), and then continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, or RADA) in London (London). Theatrical debut of Robert in the West End (West End) took place in 1929, directed by `sokrovisch` Island (Treasure Island) on the Strand Theatre Theater stage. Broadway debut in the role of Robert Oscar Wilde (Oscar Wilde) in the same play took place in 1938, in the theater Fulton Theatre. Although he quickly became a sought-after film actor, Morley continued to work on the stage, was a successful writer and toured endlessly.

He was a versatile actor, who looked equally well in both comedies and more serious genres. So, in costume historical drama 1938 `Maria Antuanetta` Morley played the role of the French King Louis XVI (Louis XVI), for which he was nominated for the award `Oscar (Oscar Award) as the` Best Actor plana`. In 1960, the audience shook his powerful performance as Oscar Wilde in a biopic of the same name, AB 1951 - the role of the missionary in the now classic drama `koroleva` Africa (The African Queen), but the actor never nominated for an Academy Award .

As a playwright he co-wrote and adapted several plays for the theater stage. In 1947, Morley has achieved outstanding success in London and New York (New York City) with an exciting family drama `Edward, my syn` (Edward, My Son), co-authored with Noel Langley (Noel Langley), in which he and also played a major role, Arnold Holt (Arnold Holt). Unfortunately, the film adaptation directed by George Cukor (George Cukor) turned unscrupulous British businessman in a violent Canadian expatriate by Spencer Tracy (Spencer Tracy), which certainly added a dynamic film, but completely changed the nature of the work.

Morley also personified the image of conservative Englishman. During the 70s, he was the face of the airline `British Airways` in television commercials, and in 1978, received good reviews and numerous awards for her role in the film` Who is killing the great European chefs? `(Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? , 1977).

According to the organizing committee decision Morley became the first King Mumba appointed Moomba Festival (Moomba festival) in Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne). Every year, the parade of several thousand artists from all countries take part in the festival. Morley, who at the time was in Australia (Australia) on tour, took the crown very humbly and somehow barefoot.

In 1942 the actor married Joan Buckmaster (Joan Buckmaster, 1910-2005), daughter of the great actress Gladys Cooper (Gladys Cooper). Their eldest son, Sheridan Morley (Sheridan Morley) was a famous writer and critic. Besides him and they had a daughter Annabelle (Annabel Morley) and the second son of Wilton (Wilton Morley).

Robert Morley died of a stroke June 3, 1992, aged 84, in Reading, Berkshire (Reading, Berkshire, England).

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