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American actor, best known for his role in the HBO series `Clan Soprano` (` The Sopranos`).

Unlike most of the known `star detey`,the path to success Aylera very easy has never been. Despite the fact that his resume was filled quickly enough - Robert had a chance to play in a number of commercials and movies, including the film in 1998 -`Tik` the Code (` The Tic Code`) and comic - boevike 2003 it Sorvigolova` `(` Daredevil`) -nastoyaschaya glory k approached him after tolko roles otpryska kriminalnogo families gangsterskoy drama `Klan Soprano`. Snimatsya in series Ayler basis in chetyrnadcat flight flack as it seems emu practical dovelos vyrasti of televidenii; its development as a person and as an actor the audience could see almost in real time.By the time the legendary show ended, Ayler evolved from spoiled juvenile delinquent with an angelic face in a closed, closed to the young man himself.

Robert was born in New York City; in his veins, which would on this occasion the audience may think, does not leak a drop of Italian blood,although there is a considerable portion of Irish blood. Ayler acting craft engaged in six years, after it drew the attention of the representative of the agency on the selection of talent. Feeling a considerable potential in the chubby kid, Agent - Jeff Mitchell somebody - got in touch with his father.After careful consideration of all the options - in particular, after making inquiries about Mitchell - Aylera parents have consented to participate in the shooting of his son. Jeff showed some professionalism; he was able to almost immediately find his protege in commercials at the national level.The first project was the network advertisement Robert `Pizza Hut`.

After a series of works in advertising - in particular, companies like `IBM` and` AT & T` - Ayleru managed to get the lead role of his life - the role of Anthony Soprano, Jr., Error status: 400his character was given more and more screen time.

Unfortunately,the role of a young mobster Robert came too like; In 2001, his problems with the law on television moved into real life. During a break between filming Ayler was arrested on suspicion of robbing a Brazilian tourist; error status: 400Ayler left criminal past behind and completely devoted himself to the work.In shestomsezone series he was practically one of the main characters; one of the storylines disclose how deeply Anthony was touched by the fact that his own father was almost shot by his uncle. In the future, the hero Robert tried to avenge his father, but he did not succeed and was arrested.

After a while Anthony returned to the series;he was given a love story, and everything seemed to be going quite well, however, the will of the writers, the fate of his suddenly changed. Ayler so well managed to embody the image that no one doubts his great acting future.

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