Robert M Bowman Jr

Picture of Robert M Bowman Jr

Age: 40

Citizenship: United States


The eldest of seven children in the family, Robert M. Bowman, Jr., was born in 1975. His father, Robert M. Bowman - a scientist and a former colonel in the United States Air Force. Bowman Jr. rose to the canons of the Roman Catholic Church, taking the truth of the Gospel in college. He received a master`s degree in biblical studies and theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1981, the same year he married Catherine Lyon. The couple had four children - Beth, Robbie, John and Mary.

Bowman began working researcher and editor at the Christian Research Institute in 1984 in Southern California, which at the time led by Walter Martin. From 1988 to 1990 he achieved the first degree of Doctor of Philosophy in historical and theological studio Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, at the beginning of 1992 satisfied all requirements applied to him. However, the seminary and did not accept his thesis.

In 1990, he returned to the Christian Research Institute, where the lead after Martin`s death in 1989, received the Hank Haynegraaff that in 1992 Robert deprived of all the benefits. In the next fourteen years Bowman, Jr., for the most part was a staff writer and sometimes the teacher, especially in Luther Rice Seminary and Biola University. In 2002, Robert became president Apologetics.com and became a weekly radio show on Los Angeles station 99.5 KKLA. From 2006 to 2008 the M. Bowman was the head of representation of Apologetics and interfaith evangelism for the North American Mission Board in Alpharetta, Georgia, the internal agency of the Southern Baptist Convention. Since 2008, Robert worked at the Institute of Religious Studies, first as executive director, and in recent times in the status of the head of the research team.

Bowman - author of over sixty articles and a dozen books. Five of these books he co-wrote with Kenneth D. Boa, a teacher from Oxford training. Two of the books were awarded the prize to Robert `Gold Medallion Book Award`. Four of his first book is a theological critique of Jehovah`s Witness teachings.

Since 1984, Bowman has been associated with the Christian kontrkultovym movement. In addition, he worked in a research institute, as well as an independent ministry `Watchman Fellowship` and the Institute of Religious Studies. His approach to apologetics kontrkultovoy was almost exclusively hermeneutical and theological, with emphasis on the interpretation of biblical texts. Robert in his book, 1991, `` orthodoxy and heresy considered various teachings of religious groups, especially those who deny, in fact, really no one proved the dogma of the Trinity, calling such teachings heretical. In general, most of his work in this area focused on Jehovah`s Witnesses and Mormons, even though he also wrote and lectured on the course `` Faith Movement.

At its early stage of the study of theology and apologetics Bowman Jr. was guided by the works of the different Christian apologists, including CS Lewis, Francis Schaeffer and John Warwick Montgomery. At Fuller Theological Seminary, he met fideist tradition in Christianity that highlight the superiority of faith over reason. Yielding to the influence of Robert began studying hypothetical apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, a pioneer in which at that time was Cornelius Van Til.

Own approach Bowman - a widespread or `` classic method of investigation, in which sound arguments serve as a context to support theism, so that the Bible and the Christian faith they supposedly supported negoloslovno.