Robert Julian Bentley

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Date of Birth: 03/02/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: Kolumbiane

Citizenship: United States


Bentley was born in Kolumbiane, Alabama (Columbiana, Alabama), in the family of David Bentley in Hartford (David Harford Bentley) and Matt Boyd Vic Bentley (Mattie Boyd Vick Bentley). Specially educated parents, Robert can not be named - for both of them at the time could not even finish school. Bentley himself learning was how much easier; among other things, the boy was in the school team discussion and served as president of student community. After school - and becoming the best in its class - Bentley entered the University of Alabama (University of Alabama) in Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa). Three years Robert has gone to receive a bachelor`s degree; He studied chemistry and biology at the university.

From an early age Bentley knew that in the future will be a doctor. After receiving a bachelor`s degree, he started studying medicine; namely the Faculty of Medicine (vset the University of Alabama) and Robert met his future wife, Martha Diana Jones. July 24, 1965 they were married; in 1968 he graduated from Bentley and a year went to Methodist Hospital internship Kerreueya (Carraway Methodist Hospital) in Birmingham (Birmingham).

In 1969, Robert joined the US Air Force; while he worked at a military base Pope in Fayetteville, North Carolina (Fayetteville, North Carolina). After the Army, Bentley opened in Tuscaloosa own dermatological practice.

After a while, however, it became clear that the medicine is not the only vocation Robert - no worse, he showed as a businessman and politician. In 2002, Bentley chose the House of Representatives in the state of Alabama; He represented District Tuscaloosa and the elections managed to gain 65% of votes. Four years later, Robert was re-elected - this time with him one did not even try to compete. In the House of Representatives Bentley is primarily engaged in the health sector - most of all he was interested in the preparation of decent doctors for primary care and an increase in the base of donated organs. It is thanks to Robert was made two major changes to the laws of the State of transplantologicheskih - one of them is related to the process receiving eye corneas, and the other - further protecting the rights of the donor. In addition, it was created by the efforts of Bentley Medical Education Consortium of Alabama (Alabama Medical Educational Consortium); Robert has worked hard to increase the number of scholarships for medical students. In all of this Bentlibyl staunch opponent of raising taxes.

On June 1, 2010, the Bentley - suddenly all political analysts - came second in the intra-party primary gubernatorial election. In the second round of elections Bentley defeated his main opponent - Bradley Byrne (Bradley Byrne) and became of candidate from the Republicans.

Gubernatorial elections won by Bentley on January 17 of 2011; January 18 - at the inauguration ceremony - he said in a speech before a crowd that caused a lot of misunderstandings in the future. Among other things, Robert said he did not consider his brothers and sisters of those who do not believe in Jesus Christ. Defamation League opponents (The Anti-Defamation League) require policy to comment on his statement and clarify its attitude towards non-Christians; Two days later Bentley brought all the necessary apology.

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