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He starred in a big movie and television projects during the 1950s and 1960s.

Robert Ivers, better known as Bob Ivers born th December 11, 1934, the year in Seattle, Washington, USA. He studied at the High School, the school the Tucson between 1950 and 1953. Then the young man was offered a scholarship to study at the studio at the Pasadena Playhouse Theatre and the University of Arizona. Ivers was able to go on stage only in the second year of study at drama school, while at the university he was able to get back to being a rookie.

During the study, Robert appeared in small roles in several films ,where his name is not even featured in the credits. Among them - ` oskaronosnaya` melodrama Edward Dmitryuk ` Broken kope` 1954, and the crime drama Richard Fleischer ` brutal subbota` 1955 th. A year later, Bob was able to sign a contract with the film company `Paramount Pictures`,whose representatives were impressed by it played the leading role in the play ` Tea and simpatiya`.

Notable role, a character named Monk, Ivers earned in 1957, in the comedy of Don McGuire `The Delicate Delinquent`, which has become a star Jerry Lewis. In the same year the actor was starring role in the musical ` Thorog Norman Soldier blyuz` aboutElvis Presley as a hero when he returned from the army, trying to organize their own club.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Robert became a member of several television programs, including developed into one of the four stars of serial westerns ` Pony Ekspress` during the 1959-1960 season. Also, Bob has been involved in the filming ABC`s ` Beglets` with David Janssen ,` Twelve O`clock High` with Paul Burke, `Virginian`,` Bat Masterson`, ` ` Smoke and Neprikasaemye` of stvola` James Arness.

Later, the actor has taken a leading position in news programs KTHI-TV in Fargo, North Dakota. Eventually, he returned to his home in Washington,where he continued to work in television in Yakima County. In the 1970s, Robert led the local news program on channel Channel 35, as well as the show `Morning Moneyman Movie`, the essence of which was a combination of the screening with the opportunity to win some money to all those who closely followed the program.After his retirement he worked in his own advertising agency with Ivers television for several years. He led a small radio show in downtown Washington, telling about the interesting little things of life, and the actors of the movie as a whole.

Ivers married Robert Lenore in 1961, but in the same year the marriage was annulled, and the 7 September 1961-th he married actress Marcia Henderson. The actor had two daughters, Alenda and Mallory. Marcia died on 23 November 1987,. The very same actor died at the age of 68, on February 13th of 2003, in Yakima.

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